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Tanjong Katong Road: Chefy Bakehouse, Handmade Bakery at its Best!

These chocolate chips cookies & almond cookies were insanely delicious! Chefybakehouse is definitely our kind of bake house for cookies – not too sweet (chocolate chips), ever so slightly and full of flavour(almond). We prefer a crisp cookie and Chefybakehouse delivered. It was crisp on the outside, and yet despite how thin it was, remained soft on the inside (but not too soft). My family was instantly hooked.

Good cookies are commonly found but when it comes to tasting heavenly cookies that are baked straight from the heart, we have found one that you will surely fall in love with. Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Katong Road is where this cafe by the name of with a pinch of salt is located. This is the exact spot where Chefy Bakehouse is stationed as well.

Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse

Cookies with a twist are what you will find at Chefy Bakehouse. Every cookie is made from scratch with secret recipe, added with craftsmanship that is irreplaceable by machine and on top of everything, is freshly baked. All these would not be possible without the dedication of Chef Chan, an award-winning pastry chef of Sheraton Towers.

Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse
Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse
Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse

Since 1995, this homegrown establishment has baked countless cookies of happiness to satisfied customers. With flavors of almond, butter, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, florentine and matcha cookies, you will be spoiled for choices!

Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse

That explains why every bite of the handmade Chocolate and Almond cookies by Chefy Bakehouse that we ordered for Small M’s birthday party with personalized label is so crispy and irresistible. It was well-liked by everyone!

We thought these cookies meet all the criteria for a marvellous gift and souvenir for friends and visitors.

Would you like to try them?

Chefy Bakehouse takes pride to ensure its cookies are all creatively packaged and beautifully displayed. If you wish to order online, Chefy Bakehouse caters to it also. This is just the place to go when you yield to the simple pleasures of biting into a flavorsome cookie!

Photo Credit: Chefy Bakehouse

Pick-up address:
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080

To order fresh baked goods, ask a question or say something,
Call WJ (65) 8654 7355
or call Chan (65) 9786 2589

To get the freshest news on our fresh cookies,

follow on Instagram @chefybakehouse
facebook /chefybakehouse

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