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Celebrate any occasions with Little Flower Hut fresh flowers. Humbly started at 2010, Little Flower Hut has since grown to be the preferred Singapore Florist to many companies and individuals.

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Many Products and Services

As you can see, Little Flower Hut specializes in more than just flowers. Their florists also offers flower workshops/classes at customers’ request.

With their florists’ professional eye for floral design, sophistication, and beauty, you will definitely learn the design and techniques on flower arrangement.

During the workshop, customers will not only get to see a full demonstration by the instructor on flower arrangement, they will also be tasked to reproduce flower arrangement within a given time frame. One of the key takeaways for the customers is learning how to manage their time management skills effectively whilst producing presentable flower arrangement. Little Flower Hut’s aim is to build leadership qualities and teamwork of the participant and promote communication, coordination and negotiation skills.

Hey, there are many themes to choose in the workshops ranging from flowers for home, hand bouquet, wedding flowers & seasonal flowers such as centrepiece for Christmas,  gift ideas and many more.

Little Flower Hut’s florists also provide floral services appropriate for corporate gifts, occasion baskets, new born gift baskets, and so much more!

You can find the finest range of Flower ArrangementHand BouquetBaby Hamper, Gifts and many more offerings. The website is an ideal spot to browse for Birthday, Anniversary, Baby ShowerGet Well Soon and any occasion.

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It’s contemporary and innovative style seasonal Flower Workshops/Classes in floral design make an ideal choice for planning team building and bonding sessions.

Flower Delivery Singapore

Floral Delivery to You

There is nothing more important than understanding customers’ needs. With its Same Day Flower Delivery, they be just in time to get the flowers and gifts to your recipient’s hand. Their island wide Singapore Flower Delivery is always quick, easy and most importantly convenient. Ready to serve you 24/7.  No matter what your reason, you can put your trust on us for all your gifting needs and as always, beautiful and freshest blooms. Little Flower Hut also provides dedicated flower delivery services right to your doorstep. All you need to do is to provide your quotation and preferred floral design.

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ETL Learning: Total Development Program for Your Child

Make the most of your child’s early years by introducing the Total Development Program to develop a habit of reading and love of learning in your child.

ETL Learning’s signature product Total Development Program will fully fulfil the learning needs of toddlers and young children up to the age of 10 years old.

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Our first impression when being introduced to the Total Development Program package was like “WOW”. The wide array of books with various topics such as A Child’s First Library of Learning, A Child’s First Library of Values, English Time, Early Learning Program and Learning Math with Albert are enough to amaze us.

 Being a lover of nature, Big M was obviously intrigued by the books covering areas of Life, Nature, Science and Our World.

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Geography and Maps

How about this? Getting your toddler to fall in love with Math.

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More than just reading, your child will get to do hands on practise which includes:

– 10-level program graded by level of difficulty
– Over 200 excercises in the Activity Books
– Over 50 activities in the CD-ROMs

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Here’s the favourite part. What a way to stimulate the kids’ interest in reading by playing the audio CDs to read aloud to them!

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No lack of interesting stories to choose from. The benefits includes knowing the alphabets, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation and computer skills.

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We find the topics rather insightful. While kids may have different preferences, with Total Development Program it would be able to cater one or few topics that suit  to your child’s needs.

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Click here to find out more about this Total Development Program.

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How to Buy?

ETL Learning’s products are available through a network of sales consultants. They will offer you:

• Free presentation in the comfort of your home or office
• Tailor-made packages to suit your child’s needs and your budget
• Monthly payment plans to make it more affordable
• Free home delivery
• After-sales service
To request for a free presentation and prices, please fill this form with all the information.

Their consultant will call you at the earliest time to make an appointment with you. A free parenting book will also be delivered at the same time.

Office Address

McCoy Holdings Pte Ltd
No.3, Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-57 Link@AMK, Singapore 569139
Tel : 65152988
Fax : 65154515


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dokiWatch – Big Solutions in One Small Device, Keeping Families Connected!

Many parents want to stay in touch with their children safely but feel that it is still too early for them to have mobile phones. All thanks to innovation, dokiWatch could be the answer. Designed for children aged from 6 to 12 years old, the quirky-looking dokiWatch is the world’s most advanced 3G smartwatch.

 With kids adept with mobile technology, it was a breeze for Small M getting familiar with dokiWatch when it arrives. As parents, we completely prefer smartwatch to smartphone. In this blog, we identify the 5 main practical reasons why you should pick dokiWatch for your child:

#1 – Easy to Set Up

The user friendly functions of dokiWatch is certainly a plus. When setting up dokiWatch, insert a Nano SIM card, download the Doki app and lastly scan QR code to pair and your child is all ready to go. As simple as that. A fully charged dokiWatch can last up to 24 hours depending on your child’s usage. It is definitely sufficient to last during the school hours. Hey, dokiWatch can also connect to WiFi. You can set up WiFi connection under the Device Settings on dokiWatch.

Simple and slick design of dokiWatch is what appeals to Small M.

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Photo Credit: dokiWatch

#2 – Smart Locator

 Does your child have tendency to lose himself/herself in the crowd or wander elsewhere without your knowledge? dokiWatch can allow you to keep track of your child every minute of the day. Whether you are in office or at home, you can have a peace of mind to have precise information as to where they are and what they are doing using a combination of GPS, GSM and WiFi technology.


#3 – Video / Voice Call & Message

With a built-in camera, dokiWatch is the world’s first smartwatch for kids to include a fully integrated video calling feature. Parents can now see their kids anytime, anywhere! It also allows your child to make and receive calls from a preset list of contacts. As the administrator of your child’s dokiWatch, you will be able to manage and preset your child’s contact list through the Doki App. dokiWatch will only be able to call and receive calls from these preset contacts. Unrecognized numbers will be automatically blocked by dokiWatch. This means that your child will not receive or make any calls to strangers.

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Photo Credit: dokiWatch

Even if it is not convenient for either party to make phone call, dokiWatch can also send and receive voice messages and one-way text messages. 🙂


#4 – Alert Area Function

AlertArea is a virtual radius or geo-fence around a specific location, like home, school, or a friend‘s house. Once an AlertArea is set from the Doki app, parents will receive a notification every time their child enters or leaves that area. This cool function gives parents another peace of mind to monitor their child’s location.

Photo Credit: dokiWatch

#5 – Fitness Tracking

dokiWatch performs just like Fitbit to motivate your child to stay active and tracking every aspect of his/her health and fitness. dokiPet is a virtual pet that acts as a fitness tracker. dokiPet makes sure your kids stay healthy by encouraging them to keep moving: the more active your kids are, the bigger and stronger dokiPet grows. dokiWatch’s built-in accelerometer tracks steps, distance, and calories burned.

Photo Credit: dokiWatch

Not all kids are ready for smartphones yet. With dokiWatch, kids can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the security of knowing that they’re safe. dokiWatch currently retails at USD $199 and comes in 4 colors – Dazzle Pink, Mango Yellow, Sonic Blue & Shark Grey.

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Image Credit: doki Watch

Get connected with your child today with dokiWatch!

Get to know dokiWatch on:



Shop for dokiWatch:


Unit 601, Silvercord Tower 1
30 Canton Rd, TST
Hong Kong

+852 2302 6218

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Smart Parenting with JUMPY Plus Kids Smart Watch

The BEST things in life are meant to be shared. We have heard so much about how addictive smart phones pose to children, not to mention allowing them to own such devices.

However, there are times when Big M, being in primary school, needed to contact us and we likewise, wanted to know her whereabouts. We were procrastinating whether to get her a smart phone until we come across a catchy theme from JUMPY Plus smart watch – “Call, locate, and protect your kids anytime, anywhere” that we need to see it for ourselves.

It was love at first sight and we simply fell in love with JUMPY Plus smart watch! From a parent’s personal view, these are the 5 reasons why you should get one for your child:

#1 – JUMPY Plus is Trendy & Cool

Children have different personalities and preferences. JUMPY Plus knows it very well. With four distinctive colours (Blue, Red, Yellow & Green) to choose from, your kid is going to be spoiled for choices!

Image result for jumpy plus watch

JUMPY Plus comes with over 10 different watch themes so the watch can be personalised to suit one’s mood. The user can also record his or her own alarm notification like “I love mommy.”

We can imagine how excited Big M is when she finally become a proud owner of JUMPY Plus smart watch.

#2 – JUMPY Plus Connects You and Your Child

A smart watch is nothing if it can’t connect you with your child. Designed for children aged between 4 and 12, the JUMPY Plus smart watch is a mobile phone, GPS tracker, activity helper, fitness companion and more.

To activate JUMPY Plus, all it takes is to insert a nano SIM card, sync it up with a smart phone (compatible with both Android & iPhone) and you are ready to go 🙂

Users can make and receive quality calls to and from a preset contact list of authorised persons, with a call log of up to 1 week.  Hey, parents can also record a voice message and send it to the child’s JUMPY Plus and receive one in return. The JUMPY Plus also allows for text messaging, emojis and drawings.

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#3 – JUMPY Plus Safety Features

JUMPY Plus allows you to preset up to 5 numbers for your child to make or receive calls. This thoughtful idea means that any communication that your child has will only be limited to these preset numbers. Yup, your child will not receive any nuisance or unknown calls. No strangers can get to call through either.

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In an emergency, your kid can easily press a button and send SOS messages to you and other contacts on the emergency list immediately.

You can also listen to what your kid is up to without disturbing them. In an emergency, if your child does not pick up your phone call, it is possible to activate remote listening to what is happening around them without triggering the smart watch.

Fear that your child is lost in shopping centres or crowded places? JUMPY Plus allows you to trigger an alarm on the watch via Bluetooth to notify the child that his parents are looking for him.

With such a cool JUMPY Plus smart watch around, we are concerned that Big M will be distracted during lessons. But all thanks to JUMPY Plus, we can remotely switch and lock the watch to “School Mode” using our phones. So Big M can only be able to tell time and make emergency calls during her classes.

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#4 – JUMPY Plus Smarter Locator

Do you wish to know where your child is when he/she is not around with you?

With JUMPY Plus’ more advanced GPS/GSM/WiFi/G-Sensor technology, you can locate your child in REAL-TIME.

(Safe Zone) : We want Big M to dwell only at permissible places. Imagine how worried we will get if she were to venture elsewhere. With JUMPY Plus, we can set up alert areas for places such as home or school. Whenever your kid enters or leaves the proximity, you will be notified on your phone.

(Historical Track) : How cool is that? Not only do you know where your kid is in real time, you can even check the entire path your kid has travelled for the past week.

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#5 – JUMPY Plus is Interactive

A smart calendar can be used to set daily schedules, and voice reminders can be recorded to help kids develop good habits (such as drinking enough water). Parents can also track their children’s daily/weekly/monthly usage of JUMPY Plus to know and help adjust their routine.

An adorable virtual JUMPY Pet encourages the user to get off the sofa and stay active so as to feed the pet and dress it up with cool-looking outfits. A built-in pedometer helps parents monitor their child’s daily exercise record. A variety of games also guide kids to jump, squat and crawl.

Image result for jumpy plus watch Continue reading “Smart Parenting with JUMPY Plus Kids Smart Watch”

Shaw Towers: Wild Market {Food and Bar}

A new mega-eatery by the name of Wild Market opens in Shaw Towers in December. It comes as no surprises to me but hearing that it offers food at foodcourt prices makes it worthwhile to check it out.

Shaw Towers is just located opposite Suntec City. If you are coming from Suntec City, you can cross from the overhead bridge to South Beach Hotel and just cross over a street to Shaw Towers. Parking facilities is available as well. Continue reading “Shaw Towers: Wild Market {Food and Bar}”

Mint Museum of Toys: Hello Robota! {Make + Play}

After our exploratory journey to the Mint Museum of Toys earlier this year, we knew in our hearts that we will definitely be coming back again. All year round, especially during school holidays, Mint Museum of Toys does work very hard to come up with a slew of interesting workshops for everyone.

The museum is located at the end of a street behind South Beach Hotel Singapore. Just follow the arrow to your left. Continue reading “Mint Museum of Toys: Hello Robota! {Make + Play}”