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Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway

It is not often we can get a chance to be across the globe. As evidenced by the beautiful scenic pictures that keep cropping up in our trip planning, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) promises unique landscapes and plenty of places to stop and explore. However, we are still toying with the idea of whether to take a domestic flight or drive along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

The distance stretches up to 800 km and it does not seem possible to complete the route within a day without exploration.

A tad daunting, perhaps.

An initial thought was making interval stops before hitting Los Angeles (LA). That means shortening the time we have in LA, an itinerary that we felt are not conventional to many travellers as they prefer to spend more time in LA with the availability of amusement parks. After some research, it seems hard to miss out attractions along PCH.

All thanks to Outdoor Blueprint, they made trip planning easier with these attractions laid out neatly.


San Francisco Road Trip Guide
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Monterey Bay Road Trip Guide
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BIG SUR (Limekiln State Park)

Limekiln Big Sur 26
Image Credit –

Big Sur Road Trip Guide

Image Credit –


San Luis Obispo Road Trip Guide
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POINT CONCEPTION (The Santa Barbara Channel)

Image Credit –

Point Conception Road Trip Guide

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If you have driven across Pacific Coast Highway before, do feel free to share your travel hacks.

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Insta-worthy #BEACHPLACE across South-East Asia

South-East Asia is known for countries that are rich in traditional cultures, amazing, extremely delicious food, great people and a whole lot of picturesque settings. Not only are these places totally affordable, visiting these countries will surely change the way you look at life. So, going back to my title, check out these totally insta-worthy beautiful beaches where you can get all the #vitaminsea that you need.

1. Rai Leh, Thailand

Rai Leh or also commonly known as Raileu is one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi, Thailand. If you’ve even come across Krabi on a postcard or in any images, Rai Leh is the exact beach that you are looking at. It is the ultimate Andaman gym for rock-climbing fanatics as the limestone formations here are what they would call a dream come true. Let the waves wash away your stress on this beautiful, broad strip of white sandy beach that is perfectly framed by massive cliffs each end of the beach.

Image Credit:

2. Dreamland Beach, Bali

This once-hidden paradise that is located on the Bukit Peninsula was first ‘discovered’ around the 1970’s and has since become a popular destination for surfers all over the place thanks to its great shore breaks. Though it has grown to be so popular in the last 40 years with new, luxury hotels sprouting up, this beautiful island has retained its hang-ten vibe with small shops and beach shack cafe’s that promotes total relaxation.

Image Credit:

3. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Surrounded by a necklace of hills, not forgetting the picturesque stretch of beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches and clear waters with an abundance of marine life and thriving reefs. Nha Trang is konwn as the Riviera of South China Sea not only because of its beautiful beach, but also because of this island offering a myriad of sightseeing and recreational activities as well as breath-taking structures that date back to the Champa Kingdom.

Image Credit:

4. Rawa Island, Malaysia

Are you looking for a more seluded vacation? Rawa island is a small island 16km off the east coast Peninsular Malaysia and is greatly known for its clear white sand, turquoise waters and its exclusivity. As it is owned by the family of the Johor Sultanate, Rawa only has two resorts available on the island, making it the perfect weekend escapade.

Image Credit:

5. Sipadan, Malaysia

Sipadan Island in Sabah, Malaysia is a beautiful, untouched piece of art with clear, crystal waters and home to the finest marine life in Malaysia. This amazing world heritage site is voted by divers all around the world as one of the top five dive sites in the world. This crown jewel houses species like barracudas, hammerhead sharks and hawksbill turtles and the reff wall plunge into great depths just meters away from the beach. This island totally defines what peace and relaxation means.

There are many more islands around South East Asia that are totally beautiful and worth every visit. But how to do we get there? Thanks to Malindo’s cheap flight that flies to all these destination, basking under the sun here is a total dream come through without leaving a hole in your bank. Go ahead and start finding for your cheap tickets today and start your new chapter of life in SEA.


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Your Guide To The Balearic Islands

Just to the East of mainland Spain, there are four Spanish islands that make up the Balearic Islands. While they are classed as Spain, they are quite diverse and different from the mainland Spain. The islands are Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca, and Formentera. With great beaches and great weather, it can be hard to know where to visit first. So here is a bit of a breakdown to the Balearic Islands, to help you choose where your next vacation may be.

Image Credit:


The island of Ibiza has long been known as a bit of a party town, wih mentions in many pop songs and some world-renowned clubs and DJs performing there. And while this is true, there is plenty more to the island than just clubbing. The north of the island has a very bohemain character and feel to it, with a very relaxed atmosphere, with many great places to eat and dine. Ibiza Town, the capital, has some unique history to explore, as well as being closer to the clubbing scene.


The largest island of them all, Mallorca has a lot to offer and is a popular spot for families. There are some of the clinches about being a Spanish island, with plenty of high-rise buildings by the beach. However, there is more to the island than that, especially if you go slightly more inland to stay somewhere like Marriott’s Club Son Antem in Llucmajor near Palma. There are some stunning mountains, beautiful coves, and some quaint old towns.

Image Credit:


To the east of Mallorca is the smaller island of Menorca. It has a more relaxed feel to it than the previous two islands, and is much less of a party or clubbing destination. There are some adorable little port towns, like Ciutadella, and the port in the capital is actually one of the deepest in the world. There are some modern resorts, as well as plenty of options to stay closer to the sea or rent villas more in-lands.


The island of Formentera is a pretty tiny, and does often get forgotten about when you think about the Balearics. It has some of the best beaches out of the whole lot of them, though, so doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. While there isn’t a lot else to do there, the place has a certain rustic charm that can make it worth the trip. It is quite exclusinve as far as islands go.

The Balearics are easy to access from Spain by boat or flight, but there are many other places like the UK, that offer direct flights to them. Because the islands are smaller, and have to prepare for the tourists, they cna cost a little more than mainland Spain might. However, the islands are pretty small, and you may not even need to hire a car to explore it all. It can be pretty easy to go from each island too, so if you can’t choose which one to go to, then you might not have to.

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All photos, information and opinions, unless otherwise stated, in this post belong to Katong Kids Inc. Reproducing or copying them for use on third party sites without our written permission are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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Bintan Travelogue: 10 Tips before Visiting Bintan

There is one thing that matters to us during our visit to Bintan and that is finding activities that are suitable for families. With so many family-friendly activities in store, we concluded this is the first and certainly not the last time Bintan will be seeing us. We compile everything you need to know about Bintan when planning your itinerary. Read on about 10 things to do in Bintan: Continue reading “Bintan Travelogue: 10 Tips before Visiting Bintan”

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Executive Suite of Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay Bintan

Enjoy the luxury you deserve…

Bintan has become one of our favourite destinations to travel with kids. We were pleasantly surprised as this was the first time stepping our foot onto this island which is just less than an hour ferry ride from Singapore.

The four-star Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay was opened in May 2015 offering 195-rooms that can certainly accommodate guests with all expectations. We could feel the lively and vibrant atmosphere the moment we arrived at the hotel. Continue reading “Executive Suite of Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay Bintan”

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10 Reasons A Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay Bintan Stay Will Completely Justify Your Relaxing Getaway

When it comes to plan for a fuss-free family getaway, Bintan is a popular destination and for good reason. We scouted for affordable family-friendly accommodation and were introduced to Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay. This hotel fitted our requirements exactly and it has all what we wanted. What also makes Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay so special is that the most memorable moments at the hotel come when we least expect them to. We are so motivated to share with everyone.

Here we bring you 10 compelling reasons to make Swiss-Belhotel your next Bintan holiday destination.

 1: Location

 All we wanted was a short getaway and preferably need not spend too much time travelling especially with kids around. Bintan is a perfect fit. Come 2017, an international airport will help to connect Bintan to international travellers. For now, ferry is the only option. We arrived at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore), hopped onto the Bintan Resort Ferries’ €™ Economy Class, and viola, reached Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal (Bintan) in less than an hour, approx 45mins.

Cartoon shows are aired inside the ferry to keep your little ones and the young at heart occupied.

Before we know it, we arrived at Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

Getting to Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay Bintan is a breeze. Complimentary shuttle service is provided from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal to the hotel. *(Tips, readers shared with us that they booked their stay thru hotel directly, the ferry turn out to be cheaper. Plus hotel staffs will know the timing of your arrival and departure to arrange land transfer.)

Time taken to reach the hotel from ferry terminal? Less than 15 mins 🙂

The 195-rooms 4* Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay Bintan is just opened in May 2015. Huge and contemporary lobby for guests.

2: Choices of Elegant Suites

Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay features 195 guestrooms including Deluxe, Grand Deluxe and Executive Suite in a modern contemporary design. Complimentary Wi-Fi with strong signal is provided throughout.

37sqm elegantly designed Deluxe room with single or twin share beds with rates starting from

Sgd $160.

47sqm Grand Deluxe room comes with a bigger entrance space and upsize of 10 sqm larger than Deluxe room is designed for comfortable stay with rates starting from Sgd $190.

113sqm Luxury Executive Suite is set to give you the ultimate accommodation experience with a spacious bedroom, separate living and dining as well as a luxury bathroom with shower and bathtub with rates starting from Sgd $415.

We stayed at the Executive Suite. Check out our blog post here.

Searching to book Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay, click here!

3: Infinity Pool

Everyone loves the idea of a refreshing dip in the rooftop swimming pool, 1.3m. When it comes to swimming especially in an infinity pool, it’s even more irresistible for Big and Small M. They would indulge themselves all-day long in the waters.

A good size baby pool for your little ones, 0.5m.

Not that we like to brag, Swiss-Belhotel spectacular infinity-edged pool offers a breath-taking views of the Lagoi Bay.

Hotel guests can also lounge by the pool with a refreshing mocktail and appetizing snacks.

4: Games and Entertainment Room

 This family-friendly amenity is a big-draw among the hotel guests. Opening from 10am to 10pm daily, it caters to all ages.

Get into the thrills and spills of table football.

Heart pounding. Thrilling. A rush. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and take your Wii games to a whole new level.

Challenge your partner into a game of pool.

If you just want to sit back and relax, try grabbing a jar of popcorns or candy floss(S$4) and hop onto the theatre to catch a movie.

It’s free-sittings for movie-goers.

5: Kids Club

Whether your little ones are too young to indulge in the Games & Entertainment Room or you have other adult activities planned, there’s a Kids Club to keep them entertained.

The Kids Club in Swiss-Belhotel is spacious and child-friendly.

Children can spend the afternoon manoeuvring around the Kids Club and be self-entertained.

A mini-trampoline for the jumpy ones.

Hours of active fun with ball pits for kids.

6: Authentic Indonesian Culinary Class

We know how much food can nourish our soul and tickle our tastebuds. Swiss-Belhotel also organizes activities to engage its guests. We enjoyed ourselves to bits participating in a hands-on cooking class during our stay.

The Hotel Chef teaching the participants the techniques behind making tasty Indonesian snack items.

Our Junior MasterChef in the making. We are mad about desserts. Imagine learning how to pull off that Onde Onde cupcakes, savoury Kueh Lemper and Bubur Terigu we are so fond of!

What better way to whet your appetite than to be taught by the local Chef?

This was our first and definitely not the last thing attending a culinary class.

7: Be a Fisherman

Hey, we went fishing at Lake Lagoi fishing farm! A booking at Swiss-Belhotel entitles you with a complimentary one hour fishing activities per room (1 rod + bait).

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Lagoi while waiting for the harvest.

What can we do with the catch? Swiss-Belhotel chefs can whip up a piping-hot meal in sambal, sweet and sour sauce or soya sauce for a mere SGD $10.

8: Swiss-Cafe

Waking up to a ready made breakfast is one of life’s pleasures. The Swiss-Cafe at Swiss-Belhotel offers a generous spread of International buffet breakfast with live cooking stations to start your day after a comfortable night’s sleep.

Do you love sunny side up?

Freshly-made coffee and fresh juices, together with fruit, sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs  and many more certainly keeps you coming back for more.

It’s all about making everything from scratch. Enjoy a wide assortment of breads and pastries produced in-house by the hotel.

Swiss-Cafe also serves authentic local food. Highly recommended for the food enthusiasts.

We were hosted by Ms. Sharon Foo, Marcom Director of Swiss-Belhotel, who provided us with superb hospitality throughout our stay. We were blessed beyond words!

9: Chadis Roof Top Bar

When the sun sets, the Chadis Roof Top Bar becomes alive. We had an al-fresco dining experience at the rooftop where we were greeted by a medley of succulent grilled meats, barbequed seafood and piquant cocktails (and mock-tails).

Assortment of delectable pastries, breads, desserts, sauces and many more.

Meat lovers will certainly delight over freshly-grilled meats for them to feast on!

We enjoyed dining at the Chadis Rooftop Bar and felt it’s a perfect spot for hotel guests to dine and chill out, not forgetting to catch a game of Euro 2016 as well 🙂

Located at Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay, Chadis Rooftop Bar opens daily from 4pm – 11pm.

10: Beach

Swiss-Belhotel is just a short stroll to the beachfront. Crystal clear waters, white powdery sand, shading trees, refreshing air and tranquility scenery are the themes in this beach.

We have heard about the white, fine and powdery sand over the beachfront. The doubting Thomas in us just need to see to believe. Big and Small M were obviously impressed and started to play with the sand and scouting for sea-shells!

Time for sea shells collection.

Hey, there’s something over here. Can you spot it?

Of course, our trip to Bintan wouldn’t be complete without a romantic sunset viewing at the beach.

Those mesmerising shades of colors had us transfixed until the last slither of sun sinks below the horizon.

Unbelievable Getaway Packages

Planning for a getaway? Swiss-Belhotel has two packages that are real valued-for-money. Check them out!

Family Fun Package, Child Stays FREE!
Fr S$130/person
This package is inclusive of:
  • 1 (one) night stay at Deluxe room in Swiss-Belhotel Lagoi Bay, Bintan
  • Daily breakfast for 2 (two) persons in Swiss Café
  • Crystal Lagoon Entrance Fees
  • Return ferry tickets from Singapore – Bintan – Singapore excluding taxes and levies of S$24nett per person
  • Complimentary access to Kids Club
  • Complimentary return land transfers from Ferry Terminal to hotel
  • Complimentary High Speed WIFI Internet Access throughout hotel including rooms (unlimited devices)
  • Complimentary One hour fishing activity per room at Lake Lagoi
  • Complimentary access to infinity rooftop swimming pool and gym
  • Complimentary use of entertainment centre with indoor games (Xbox ,Wii U, PS4)

What’s more enjoyable and fun than escaping with your bestie to an idyllic island getaway, bond over refreshing mock-tails, relaxing spa treatments and indulge in authentic Indonesian Inspired meals? Get ready and start packing up for an exciting BFF Getaway!
This package is inclusive of:
  • 1 (night) night stay in a Deluxe room at Swiss-belhotel Lagoi Bay, Bintan
  • Return Ferry Tickets from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to BBT
  • 2 ways land transfer to and fro BBT to hotel
  • 1 x International buffet breakfast at Swiss-Cafe
  • 1 x Mocktail by the infinity pool
  • 1 x Head & Shoulder massage (45min)
  • 1 x Indonesian Dinner
  • 1 x Complimentary Donut Swim Float per room
  • Complimentary High Speed WIFI Internet access throughout hotel including rooms (unlimited devices)
  • Complimentary access to Games & Entertainment Centre
Weekday Price : S$165.00
Weekend Price : S$185.00
Above price excludes ferry taxes of $24 per person

Needless to say, we love every single moment and bits of our time in here. As we bade Swiss-Belhotel farewell, we realised this hotel has so much to offer and what we experienced was just the tip of the iceberg. We will be back for more!

Get connected to Swiss-Belhotel Facebook here.
Get connected to Swiss-Belhotel Website  here.
Subscribe to Swiss-Belhotel Newsletter here.
Book Swiss-Belhotel accommodation here.
Jl. Gurindam Duabelas, Plot 27-29
Lagoi 29155, Bintan – Indonesia
For details on inquiries/bookings, please contact Swiss-Belhotel from Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm) at:
Tel. (+65) 6274 9555
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Don’t Miss These Fun-Filled Family Activities at Sentosa this Christmas!

Get ready for a bright Christmas at Sentosa this December holiday! The State of Fun is hosting a huge variety of activities throughout the festive period. Activities to keep not just the kids, but the whole family, entertained. Continue reading “Don’t Miss These Fun-Filled Family Activities at Sentosa this Christmas!”

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Imagination Playground @ Big Splash – Kaboodle Kids

Do you know there is an “imagination playground” over at Big Splash where children can play freely and let their imagination run wild?

Kaboodle Kids is a venue where it encourages playfulness, thoughtfulness and even silliness to help physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. Yup, there are no rules nor right or wrong. Every kid can be their own master of creativity. Foam blocks in different shapes and sizes can be used to make anything you can possibly think of.

Let’s go and check it out. Continue reading “Imagination Playground @ Big Splash – Kaboodle Kids”

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3D2N Phuket Travelogue – Day 1 (Part 1): Amazing Beachfront Phuket Hotel Stay @ Patong Marina

Phuket is our first overseas destination in the month of November. This is not our first trip to the Land of Smiles. Our visit to Kidzania Bangkok exactly a year ago is still very fresh in our minds. We had seen the most amazing landscapes, met incredibly friendly Thai people, tasted flavourful food and encountered many amazing discoveries in Thailand.

This time round, we knew in our hearts that this trip to Phuket will see us discover wonderful “gems” along the way. We unanimously agreed that we shall stay at Patong.

But why Patong?

Simple! Simply because it has the famous Patong beach, shopping attractions and great eating places.

Big and Small M were sooooo excited when they heard we will be staying at PATONG MARINA HOTEL. Continue reading “3D2N Phuket Travelogue – Day 1 (Part 1): Amazing Beachfront Phuket Hotel Stay @ Patong Marina”

Gold Coast & Brisbane, Travel

Gold Coast | Brisbane Journal – Part 2

Whenever you travel to Gold Coast, it is always a great idea to add Brisbane into your itinerary to maximize the mileage of your vacation experience. Brisbane is just within 70km from Gold Coast and it only takes about 1hr to travel. Continue reading “Gold Coast | Brisbane Journal – Part 2”