Starker Bistro @ Katong Square

Food hunting in the east? Look no further when it comes to Katong enclave. Located at Katong Square, Starker Bistro is the perfect place to usher in the weekend. Continue reading “Starker Bistro @ Katong Square”


Tanjong Katong Road: Chefy Bakehouse, Handmade Bakery at its Best!

These chocolate chips cookies & almond cookies were insanely delicious! Chefybakehouse is definitely our kind of bake house for cookies – not too sweet (chocolate chips), ever so slightly and full of flavour(almond). We prefer a crisp cookie and Chefybakehouse delivered. It was crisp on the outside, and yet despite how thin it was, remained soft on the inside (but not too soft). My family was instantly hooked.

Good cookies are commonly found but when it comes to tasting heavenly cookies that are baked straight from the heart, we have found one that you will surely fall in love with. Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Katong Road is where this cafe by the name of with a pinch of salt is located. This is the exact spot where Chefy Bakehouse is stationed as well. Continue reading “Tanjong Katong Road: Chefy Bakehouse, Handmade Bakery at its Best!”

A Memorable 7th Tag Team Birthday Party

A little busy. Yet extra special. This sums up our exciting week!

This week 27 Aug 2016 it’s Lil M’s seventh birthday party and we are so excited to be sharing it with you.

Birthdays are not always a big celebration in our family. For our girls, one big birthday party during Kindergarten(K1/K2) & another big one in Primary 1. Alright, at least for now. We want our girls to look back on the photos and remember those special moments. This year Lil M wanted her birthday party to be held at a location where it’s big enough to invite her whole class, kindy friends (whom she missed), school mates…(Omg!) and she is able to Run with her friends, play/challenge and it’s not ‘babylish’.  We scouted the whole of east area, literally looking high and low for a venue that is fun for both boys and girls (inviting the whole class, party cannot be too girly) and narrowed on Tag Team@ECP. Continue reading “A Memorable 7th Tag Team Birthday Party”

Tanjong Katong Road: Nan Xiang Chicken Rice

Nan Xiang chicken rice at Tanjong Katong Road would not be unfamiliar to many people. Many a time, I passed by Nan Xiang during the evenings and often saw crowds spilling outside the coffeeshop waiting for their turns to make orders. Continue reading “Tanjong Katong Road: Nan Xiang Chicken Rice”

The Red House Katong: Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique doesn’t fail to impress. This newly-opened gelato boutique seems to draw a constant stream of customers in the little space of 20 mins we were there. Perhaps it is due to its strategic location (right under the overhead bridge linking between The Red House and Roxy Square). Curious onlookers would step into the boutique and ended up purchasing their favourite gelatos. Continue reading “The Red House Katong: Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique”

2Six Cafe @ Katong Square

2Six Café is pleased to announce the official opening of their outlet, conveniently located besides I12 Katong Mall, at Katong Square on 7 August 2016!

Why 2Six? Simply put, this is a café where two to six or even more persons can get together. The new 2Six Café unveils a no frills dining concept where diners can chill out and connect with each other. Continue reading “2Six Cafe @ Katong Square”