TheSmartLocal – By Locals, For Locals

It’s been a fantastic journey to embark into the blogging space. A little over a year has passed by but there are so much more to learn. Picking up writing skills, improving photography techniques, learning how to optimise SEO are some of my experiences which I am trying to improve. Continue reading “TheSmartLocal – By Locals, For Locals”


East Coast Road: 227 Katong Durian

It’s the peak season for durian again. If you are not aware, the typical season for durian feasting occurs between June to August. The supply of durians this year seem to be better than last year. Over in social media, we saw Kampung durians selling for as cheap as $2 each over in Chong Pang market. How I wish there is such a sale over in Katong! Well, it doesn’t make any economic sense to travel from the far east to the north just to taste the $2 durians. We will make do over here at 227 Katong Durian located at East Coast Road. Continue reading “East Coast Road: 227 Katong Durian”

Joo Chiat Road: Filipino Fiesta Restaurant, Authentic Filipino Food

Tucked in a little corner of Joo Chiat Road is a restaurant called Filipino Fiesta that sells authentic Filipino food  from all over the Philippines at affordable prices. Yes, you can call it wallet friendly.  Continue reading “Joo Chiat Road: Filipino Fiesta Restaurant, Authentic Filipino Food”

Parkway Parade: Heniu Teppanyaki, Japanese Cuisine

We are not a teppanyaki fanatic but happened to try it out at over a weekend. Located at the basement of Parkway Parade where the Food Republic is, Heniu Teppanyaki is sure to deliver the best sizzling experience and provide a feast for your senses. Continue reading “Parkway Parade: Heniu Teppanyaki, Japanese Cuisine”

Bintan Travelogue: 10 Tips before Visiting Bintan

There is one thing that matters to us during our visit to Bintan and that is finding activities that are suitable for families. With so many family-friendly activities in store, we concluded this is the first and certainly not the last time Bintan will be seeing us. We compile everything you need to know about Bintan when planning your itinerary. Read on about 10 things to do in Bintan: Continue reading “Bintan Travelogue: 10 Tips before Visiting Bintan”

Marine Cove: Babalicious, It’s Simply Delicious (Family Friendly Restaurant)

Now that Marine Cove is opened to public, it’s no surprise that throngs of people would pack the place especially during the weekends. We visited Marine Cove during the night and felt it was very much better to explore the playground during this timing. No scorching sun and best of all, with newly opened eateries there, it’s perfect family bonding time. Continue reading “Marine Cove: Babalicious, It’s Simply Delicious (Family Friendly Restaurant)”