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TheSmartLocal – By Locals, For Locals

It’s been a fantastic journey to embark into the blogging space. A little over a year has passed by but there are so much more to learn. Picking up writing skills, improving photography techniques, learning how to optimise SEO are some of my experiences which I am trying to improve.

To shorten my learning curve, I would always look up to some of the popular blogs such as TheSmartLocal to pick up useful information. A catchy blog name, coupled with a simple logo and a website painted with shades of blue are what defined TheSmartLocal.

Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal

  Travel posts is one of the main reasons why I enjoy visiting TheSmartLocal’s blog. When planning a getaway trip to somewhere near, I can find useful tips on the places I shortlisted before confirming my itinerary. I guess my only gripe on the travel section would be that it covers mainly Asia countries. It would be beneficial if it builds travelogue on other continents to offer a more rounded travel browsing experience for readers.

Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal

Eating is Singaporeans’ favourite pastime. We may be living in a little red dot country but there are  many nice dining spots we could have missed. TheSmartLocal offers some of the latest food guides for me to explore. While not all food posts may appeal to me, they are still a good reference for the food fanatics in me. This blog post on Durian Chee Cheong Fun would certainly strike a chord among durian lovers!

Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal
Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal

TheSmartLocal offers a one-stop website to find out the latest happenings in town. It is supported by a team of writers unlike a conventional blog where a sole writer pens down his/her personal journey and adds a tad more personal touch. Overall, I do enjoy reading TheSmartLocal and I hope you do as well.

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