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East Coast Road: 227 Katong Durian

It’s the peak season for durian again. If you are not aware, the typical season for durian feasting occurs between June to August. The supply of durians this year seem to be better than last year. Over in social media, we saw Kampung durians selling for as cheap as $2 each over in Chong Pang market. How I wish there is such a sale over in Katong! Well, it doesn’t make any economic sense to travel from the far east to the north just to taste the $2 durians. We will make do over here at 227 Katong Durian located at East Coast Road.

If you are a sucker for good quantity durians, be prepared for a hole to be burnt in your pocket.

New durian arrivals…

Customers can choose to sit either indoors or outdoors.

We ordered 4 Kampung durians to try. The sizes of these durians are not large.

Surprisingly the seeds are bigger than our expectations.

The stall owner was kind enough to replace a new durian for us as one of those we bought were not ripe. These 4 Kampung durians set us back about $36. Will we go back again? Not at all. You can get better deals elsewhere.

Address: 227 E Coast Rd, 428924
Email: katongdurian@gmail.com
Value: 3/10
Service: 7/10
Decor/Ambience: 5/10
Food: 6/10
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