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LEGOLAND Malaysia (Part 1) – Water Park Review

This came as a surprise to us. Just as the school holidays were about to end, we were all joy when we received an invitation by LEGOLAND Malaysia to join in their Christmas Holiday Extravaganza. We were definitely game for it as a look in Google Map shows that LEGOLAND Malaysia it’s just a mere 18km from Tuas Checkpoint. To sweeten our road experience, the customs was relatively smooth and we hit our destination without any glitch.

Oops, the weather forecast for that day calls for rain according to LEGOLAND Malaysia. We were praying hard it will not dampen our trip.


We were advised to park at either Zone 1 or 2 which have plenty of parking lots.

For the parking rate, it cost RM $10 per entry.

The carpark is situated near to LEGOLAND Hotel and the Theme Park. There is a sheltered walkway that links from the carpark area to the Theme Park. The distance? Just less than 5 mins walk.

Thanks to the kind folks at LEGOLAND Malaysia, they had prepared our tickets before hand we did not really need to queue that long.


I mentioned earlier that today’s weather is expected to be inclement. As such, the kind staff advised us to visit the water park first in case it rains later.

The main entrance to LEGOLAND Water Park is located on the left side of the LEGOLAND main entrance. There is a small ticketing counter beside the main entrance though you can also buy tickets from the LEGOLAND main entrance.

This trinity – LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel, Theme Park and Water Park are all located next to each other. You can enjoy all the fun, play and rest in one-stop. That explains why this integrated resort has continued to attract the masses throughout the season.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is pleased to announce that their opening hours will be extended during this holiday period.

And off we go!


Lockers at the Water Park are located besides BrickWater Beachwear. Water Park lockers are accessed with fingerprints, electronically unlocking with a touch of a finger on the device. The lockers can be locked and unlocked at anytime during the rental period. The per day rates for a small locker is RM $20 while big locker comes at RM $40.

Bottle warmers, high chairs, rockers for nursing moms, baby change facilities and a microwave are all available at Baby Care centre. In addition, all restrooms, male and female parkwide have diaper change tables and family restrooms available. Swimwears are not allowed in the Baby Care centre.

If this is your long-awaited trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia, you might want to pamper yourself and rent a Cabana.

  • Cabana fee is for FOUR (4) guests.
  • Twenty-five 10’x10′ cabanas are available – ideal for shaded privacy, rest, and relaxation for the entire family. Click on Cabana Map for a full view of cabana locations. Cabanas 1-12 are best suited for families with children under 42” tall.
  • Each cabana features two deluxe chaise lounges, two seating chairs, two complimentary towels, safe deposit box and a table.
  • A host is available to assist with Water Park needs and food orders. Ten complimentary drinks will be provided in your own mini-fridge within the cabana. No coolers or outside food and beverage other than that purchased in LEGOLAND or the Water Park is allowed. Wifi is available for cabana guests.
    Full Day Rental MYR 300.00
    Half Day Rental (from 2pm onwards) MYR 180.00

    *10% OFF for Standard and Premium Pass Holders on full day rental rates.

Wait service is available at cabanas and a menu of what is offered at the Beach Grill and Brick Cafe is provided in each cabana. I personally feel that it is quite stuffy while resting inside the cabana on a hot day as the canvas tend to trap the hot air. The only reason that attract me to rent one would be a cabana specially allocated for us to use (especially to store our belongings).


Get ready to be tossed by gentle waves and cool off in this perfectly sized wave pool. This is very suitable for families as the water is shallow and the waves are not strong. If you are looking for a shallow pool just to dip yourself (as an appetizer) before you head to more challenging rides, look no further. There were also hosts who came in at every interval to rally the swimmers to engage in water sports dance and keep ourselves entertained.

Life guards were stationed at every corner to keep a watchful eye on the swimmers.

Feeling hungry or need a rest? There are sheltered rest area and food available for sale.

We grabbed a quick bite before we were whisked off to the next station.


Hey, how about this? Big and Small M get to use their creativity and build boats by themselves using LEGO bricks.

Completed construction. Now, they get the chance to compete with each other and see who’s boat will come in first.

Faster, faster, faster …


This is a two side-by-side enclosed red tube slides that stretch nearly 130 feet and pour into a wading area below. It definitely gave Big and Small M the adrenaline rush. It is safe, fast and thrilling! They enjoyed themselves so much that they went for 3 rounds.

You bet I did ran up and down just to capture these moments – all in this blog 🙂


The queues were building up and our time was limited. We opt to go for Splash ‘N’ Swirl which seem to be the most exciting. It’s hard work as well! We actually had to roll and carry our raft up the platform just to enjoy one slide.

The life guards were very particular on safety precaution which was good. You are allowed to slide down only when the group who went before you had vacated the slide. As such, we had to wait for more than 20 mins just to take this long-awaited slide.

Our raft was swang from wall to wall on its way down. Though it wasn’t a giddy experience, for parents you must ensure that your kids hold on tightly to the ropes on the sides of the raft as they might fell off the raft during the process.

Big M said this was a heart-stopping experience. Just one try is enough, LOL.


This is a really huge water playground which attracts large crowds too. There are up to 7 water slides, 5 play levels and a surrounding pool that comes that a torrential spill from a 300-gallon bucket. It may take a bit of time to fully explore Joker Soaker. By the time you’re done, I’m sure you will be tired out.


 You get to drift in the waters, and slowly too. Design and build your unique LEGO raft and set afloat on a voyage around the lazy river. This is our last station before we headed for the Theme Park.

The water is flowing continuously in one direction. Drifting one round the pool takes no more than 10 mins.


Interactive, educational and imaginative fun! There are two interactive tables. On one, kids can build bridges, dams and cities out of DUPLO® bricks and test them against the flow of water. On the other, they control the flow of water by creating patterns out of LEGO® elements.  In another area, a musical water stand with a series of holes on top that squirt water allows kids to become conductors of their own water symphony as they cover holes creating new music notes.


Best place to be if your child is age 5 and below. Highly recommended for toddlers who will surely enjoy this water play area with shorter slides and interactive, larger-than-life DUPLO creatures.

Big and Small M simply enjoyed every bit of LEGOLAND Water Park. The sun was scorching (thank God it didn’t rain!) but overall our experience was filled with thrills after thrills. Stay tune for my next blog on LEGOLAND Theme Park.

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Opening Hours: Daily, 9.00am – 7.00pm, Malaysia time

Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 7-597 888

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