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LEGOLAND Malaysia (Part 2): Theme Park Review

If you had read our previous post, you could clearly see how much we enjoyed ourselves at LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park. Our day didn’t just end there. We hopped onto the Theme Park right after that and we were clearly in for a treat.

Thumbs up! The Theme Park was bathed with festive season’s atmosphere as Santa’s sleigh and reindeer were near the park entrance to greet the visitors. How can we not pose for a picture?


This cup ride is all about spinning and spinning at fast speed. All within less than a minute. I was glad I didn’t join Big and Small M as I reckoned I would be real giddy after the ride.


Dare to try free fall? Project X allows you to travel at heart-racing speeds at the beginning and middle of the ride. The most scary part of this ride was at the beginning where you will experience a huge plunge at high-speed that leaves you breathless!

This is the part I’m talking about …

And we made it 🙂


Ask anyone who visited LEGOLAND Malaysia before and they will tell you that the real catch of this theme park is the Driving School.

See what I mean? The average waiting time is about 30 mins. This means you get to try just one time if you still intend to stick to your itinerary.

Just like being a driver in real life, you need to attend the driving course before you are qualified to hit the road. No time to waste. Big and Small M queued up promptly and waited for their turn to attend the driving course.

LEGOLAND Malaysia understands that many of the visitors are foreigners. As such, the staff make an effort to speak in English which is well-understood by every children. The children were first shown a video to understand about traffic rules and driving. The staff would then reinforce what the video meant to the class by explaining and finally tested the children with questions.

The children were also engaged in a practical lesson for them to recognize safety measures and understand where / what were the steering wheel, brake, accelerator and seat belt.

Now, it’s time to hit the road. This is the opportunity for the children to drive by themselves in a stimulated driving course. Imagine having to read the traffic lights, road signs, watching out for incoming vehicles and reading the traffic situations … it was really an eye-opener for them. That really sums up why I mentioned earlier it is a must to experience the Driving School when you visit LEGOLAND Malaysia.


At the Boating School, you get to be your own captain and steer a boat. This is an ever-popular ride which is well-loved by all the visitors. Expect long queue here as well. The fact that everyone is not a ‘qualified’ captain means many of us may end up having difficulties steering our boats back to the starting point and that didn’t help to shorten the waiting time either! 🙂


Big M loved this alot. She got to steer a boat at her own pace and enjoy the surroundings. Look at the looong queue.


Come over and help to put out a fire! Assemble your team, get on your fire truck, work together and compete with other teams to see who are the best fire-fighters in town.

It’s real hard work. We had to keep pumping to get the fire truck to move from one point to the other.

Disembark and pump the fire hydrant to spray water to put out the fire.

Finally, made a dash back to our fire truck and get back to the starting point. Tired!


The Lego City Airport features a baby-ish ride that offers simple pleasure and fun. You’re in control of the plane as you get to move it up or down as you like.


The place was littered with Christmas decorations. A huge DUPLO Christmas tree, standing at 9m tall and made up of DUPLO bricks, was beside the LEGO City Stage. A throng of visitors made their way to the stage and boy, we were treated to an entertaining live stage show.

It was a day of endless fun at LEGOLAND Malaysia. Although we did not manage to finish all the rides in the Theme Park, we could see how much Big and Small M enjoyed themselves throughout the day. They were so tired and completely KO on our journey back. Most importantly of all, in this holiday season, we were not spared from joy in LEGOLAND Malaysia.

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Opening Hours: Daily, 9.00am – 7.00pm, Malaysia time

Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 7-597 8888

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