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Since my last blog post on a dog cafe by the name of Roboyes in the East, it created a buzz among dog lovers. It feels good to love and be loved by their beloved pooches! Hey, more than 2,000 sharing of the post can’t be wrong. Like-minded dog lovers are always keen to share anything about pooches with one another.

Caring is sharing.

This furry friend, Daisy, is looking for a forever home. Can you share about her to your friends through Facebook? Just a share.


Yes, this lovely dog was featured in the blog post on Roboyes. She is full of radiant, gentle and mixes well with other dogs.


Daisy was adopted as a puppy and used to have a home where she was loved and well taken care of. But she gave birth to a litter of puppies, caring for the adult dogs and puppies proved to be overwhelming and thus the family decided to give them up.

Despite being abandoned, she quickly regained her trust in human, allowing shelter staff to tend to her puppies and show her most affectionate self to all the volunteers by asking for belly rubs or pats. At home, she’s not the overly “in your face” kind of dog but prefer to show her affection by lying beside you or gently sitting on your lap. At times when she’s a little more excited especially when the human comes back home or wakes up from bed, she will eagerly solicit for pats and hugs 🙂

Her sweet and gentle demeanor also suggests her ability to get along with fellow fur kids. She’s fostered in a home with an existing 8 year old Boston Terrier mix, Bubbles, whom the fosterer fondly called Grumpy. But of course, dogs being dogs have their playful moments as well. Daisy is always after the same toy that Bubbles is playing with and vice versa. However they learn to co-exist and share the toys respectfully. She is also the one who initiates play mostly like how a sister will usually irritates her brother. It’s really amusing to watch these two squabble with each other as both can be very vocal during play.

On top of her awesome personality, Daisy is also super smart. Once home, it took her only two days to be paper-trained! Since she was from a home environment previously, it probably didn’t take long for her to refresh her memory! In addition this girl mastered her basic commands very well. She knows sit, paw, high five, down and play dead! In general, she adapted really fast and know her boundaries very well.

Daisy is well suited for most families preferably one with an existing dog companion to increase her adaptability and confidence level.  She’s easily spooked by foreign objects or in a new environment and thus a lot of patience and positive reinforcement are strongly encouraged especially during walks. She still has fear towards going up the vehicles. However after spending more than three months in a foster home she has blossomed into a more confident dog who enjoys her daily walks and embrace them with her vigorously wagging tail! She’s also starting to be playful during walks as she gets fixated on cats (but not in an aggressive way), wanting to chase and play! So her future family also needs to be extra vigilant to tackle this during the walks. Lastly she achieved a great milestone when she finally could get up the vehicle on her own with just some coaxing unlike the past when she had to be carried up the vehicle.


Name: Daisy
Estimated DOB: 1 Apr 2014
Sex: Female

Please help Daisy to find a permanent home she truly deserve. It doesn’t take long for her to warm up and with time as well as patience, you can be guaranteed that this sweetie has nothing but lots of love to offer. If you are interested to adopt Daisy, please email

Last but not least, don’t buy. Adopt!

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