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Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Gave Daisy Hope, She is Finally Adopted!

Our blog review on Roboyes Cafe was a blast. It not only garnered dog-lovers’ awareness on the newly-opened dog cafe back then, Katong Kids Inc also had the opportunity to make friends with them and understand more about furkids.

We first met this furry friend, Daisy, at Roboyes Cafe. Back then, this rescued street dog was being fostered by a lovely volunteer with SOSD. Daisy appeared to me as an extremely good temperament dog. You bet Daisy was definitely in good hands with her lovely fosterer.

So, Daisy appeared in few adoption drives hoping to find her forever home. We chipped in our part and blogged about her too.

But Daisy didn’t give up. She was always well-behaved, had a sweet personality and feeling upbeat of her chances to find a forever home.

Daisy finally had her break when a potential adopter saw her and took her in for homestay. We were wondering if she can adapt to the new environment, get along well with her schnauzer sister, Polka,  not exhibit any signs of separation anxiety…

Initially, Daisy froze a few times during her walk but she still managed to complete the route under the patience of her adopter. I learned that Daisy was also pacing up and down during the night till she finally settled down in her fave quilt which was placed near to her adopter.

However, Daisy was a fast learner and she knew where to poo and pee after just spending one night in her new environment!

Seems that our fears are unfounded. Daisy seems to be settling in well! 🙂

Daisy also found a new friend and sister, Polka.

And yes, Daisy was finally adopted!

All thanks to SOSD’s fostering program, Daisy can finally find her new home. We know Daisy is not the only street dog out there who is still trying to find their forever home. You can make a difference to their lives by being a fosterer under SOSD.

In 2 years time, the lease for SOSD shelter, and many other shelters, will end. Despite multiple pleas, there has been no land zoned for animal welfare – in 2 years, 100 dogs in SOSD, and 2500 animals in Singapore, will have no where to go. This will be animal welfare’s greatest challenge yet.

You can do your part by participating in SOSD Flag Day 2016. SOSD’s Flag Day is their largest annual fundraiser, filled with activities, fun, and of course, doggies!

Last year, 700 of you hit the streets to help collect donations. This year, SOSD request your help to join them again! SOSD aim to hit 1500 collectors, so help spread the word!

To know about fostering a dog, click here.

To find out about dog adoption, click here.

To sign up for SOSD Flag Day 2016, click here.

To get an idea of what to expect, here’s past year’s video:

SOSD Flag Day 2016

28 Feb 2016, Sunday
9am to 6pm
Scape Youth Park
113 Somerset Road S(238165), diagonally opposite Orchard Cineleisure

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