Where to Go for Your Next Healing Retreat in Malaysia

Keeping up with the world and trying to perform all our different roles can be exhausting. Once in a while, we might feel the need to drop everything and go someplace relaxing. If you’re thinking of using your leave credits for a healing getaway, we’ve got just the places for you.

If you’re from Malaysia or from any neighbouring country, there are many places you can book in Malaysia for your much-needed retreat. We’ve listed three of the best ones below for you to consider for your next vacation.

Spa Village

Located on a private island that boasts scenic coasts, Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort is the breath of fresh air you need from your regular routine. 

The extravagant resort has “spa villages” for each of their treatments. They offer programmes that target specific needs, particularly relaxation and stress reduction, rejuvenation and longevity, detoxification, and romance.

They use techniques that originated in Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, India, China, and Japan. They combine natural and local ingredients, time-tested healing practices, and modern spa equipment to give you the type of healing you need.

If you wish to have a holistic experience of their healing rituals, they also have specialists in  Chinese, Ayurvedic or Malay traditional medicine you can consult with from the first day of your stay to better enjoy your healing retreat.

The place even has special structures to give their clients the best spa experience. These include 8 treatment pavilions, a deluxe Belian Treatment Pavilion, 3 nap gazebos, 3 spa huts, 2 bathhouses, a Chinese Herbal hut, an Ayurvedic hut, a Malay hut, and a spa boutique. 

After your healing activities, you can retire at 1 of 22 spa villas overlooking the sea, which also offers direct access to Spa Village.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat, However, the place offers more avenues for relaxation beyond the hot springs it is famed for, such as caves for different designated activities.

Moreover, Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat provides more than just a scenic location for your relaxing getaway. They have treatment programs tailor-made to satisfy your needs.

They also provide healthy food options, nutritional therapies, and spa therapies for their weight management programme. To help you recover from stress, they also have a rejuvenation programme that provides soul-filling food and soothing spa therapies. 

Meanwhile, they offer a variety of group and one-on-one exercise sessions and targeted wellness therapies for their fitness programme.

Further taking your worries away, all packages are inclusive of villa accommodation, spa cuisine menus, plus access to more of their amenities. Their villas also have their own private pools and jacuzzis filled with all-natural geothermal hot-spring water for your utmost relaxation.

The Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkawi is a luxury resort in Malaysia located in the middle fll of a 10 million-year old rainforest, making it the perfect place to visit if you just want to be surrounded by lush greenery.

The resort’s spa can be found along a stream, which allows them to harness the gifts the rainforest generously provides. They use age-old Malay healing recipes called Ramuan made with plants and herbs from the rainforest. 

Besides their Ramuan and other spa treatments, The Datai Langkawi also offers a variety of multisensory healing activities.

One can get a cup of specially-curated tea at The Nature Centre Lounge. You can also get a full cooking experience, from picking your own herbs to plating, at the resort’s The Dapur cooking class.

You can also opt to join the Mandi Embun, an ancient Malay ritual for wellness and longevity that can make you feel like a reinvigorated person.

The ritual starts with bathing at the stream in a way that follows traditional Malay forest bathing principles. Then, you’ll get a traditional massage that increases blood flow, a healthy lunch, and Malay exercises to conclude the ritual.

Mandi Ebun can reduce your stress too, so it’s definitely a good thing to try if you’re stressed out. Some even find that it reduces certain physical pains, say previous customers.

This may be because stress can cause some physical issues. Stress may be causing your sleep problems, ear pain, throat constriction, and other concerns, according to the pros at ENT Doctor Singapore, so stress- mitigating therapies can help then.

Anyway, after your scheduled relaxation activities, you can rest at any of the resort’s 121 rooms, suites and villas, which give you an enthralling view of the verdant rainforest or the majestic Andaman Sea.


You can certainly do quick activities to reduce your stress at home, but these are often bandaid solutions that have temporary results. Vacations can increase creativity and productivity, strengthen relationships, improve mental health, and prevent stress-induced heart disease, says Select Health

While it is admirable to keep going despite tremendous amounts of stress, taking time off for a bit of relaxation is important. So, on your next long weekend, enjoy your well-deserved time off with a truly healing retreat.


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