The Flying Trapeze @ Sentosa

Activities galore at Sentosa! From the youngest to the oldest, you will certainly find something to keep yourself entertained.

We found ourselves at Silosa Beach this time. What for?

Yup, we heard about The Flying Trapeze on Siloso Beach that let you try your hand at being a flying acrobat, eight metres off the ground. Sounds scary! But wait a moment. Right here you can find the assistance of certified trapeze Instructors. So you are in safe hands.

What to expect from The Flying Trapeze? You will get the chance to hang upside down in mid-air or various other stunts. There is also a Rock Wall, suitable for the use of children, next to The Flying Trapeze.

We learnt from the instructor that The Flying Trapeze and Rock Wall will not operate in inclement weather. Both facilities are for the braves above 4 years old.

The island has been bothered by haze for the past month. Just look at the PSI and you can figure out how bad it is on some days. The kids had to stay indoors. We are definitely glad to let M&Ms enjoy their little days out and enjoy fresh air!

Look at the pellucid sky. Perfect day for family outing 🙂

Big M has been clamouring for this. Her wish was granted today. Here she looks calm and excited. No signs of nervousness! The instructor is helping her to put on the safety harness. Alright, we will see how she performs later. LOL.

We must give credit to the instructors. They are professional and explain clearly to Big M on the dos and don’ts before she climbed up. This is important as it allays any fear before you take the plunge.

This is Big M as she starts to climb up. Step by step she goes…

It looks kinda scary when one looks up from the ground. But with the safety harness and measures in place, everything will be fine.

So far, so good. Big M is certainly enjoying every bit of it.

Finally reached the top. The instructor will help you to cross over.

Big M is pleased of her achievements. While taking a breather after the climb, she poses for a photo take. *Say cheese*

Here’s the moment of truth …

Ready, get set, go!

And off she flies…we were pleasantly surprised that Big M didn’t scream or shout, at all. Brave girl!

While hanging in the air, Big M manages to do a somersault and some flips. She has a strong hand grip for a girl of her age. Throughout the swing, she could hold onto the bar without falling off.

Finally, she lands.

The whole experience was rather safe. There is a big safety net below when one lands. This should ease any fears. Take a look of how Big M disembarks.

Well done, Big M!

How about Small M? She decides not to join in the fun. However, there’s a low swing for her to swing around.

She will have her share of fun when she grows bigger.

This activity is recommended for those who are adventurous and daring to try new obstacles. If you are afraid of heights, perhaps next time?

The Flying Trapeze Charges:

Phone: (65) 6275 0100
Hours: 2.30pm – 6.30pm (Weekdays)
2.30pm – 7pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)
Facilities will not operate in the event of inclement weather.
Location: 101 Siloso Road, Sentosa 098970, Singapore
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