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Country Chicken @ Marine Parade Central

Many fast food restaurants have popped up over the years offering various menu items. Apart from the likes of the usual famous brands, I’m sure not many of us have heard of Country Fried Chicken from Australia.

*Scratch scratch* Have you?

A bit of history of Country Fried Chicken:

Country Fried Chicken was developed in 1994 in QLD Australia by a person called Peter Austin.

Successful and profitable outlets currently operate throughout Australia and Internationally including; The UK, Fiji and New Zealand.

It is an excellent product – Country Fried Chicken differentiates from competitors by providing non-greasy fried chicken alternative. Being cooked in their own blend of cholesterol free cotton-seed oil, results in a healthier, tastier and non-greasy product.

An outlet finally appears in Marine Parade Central! The first ever in Singapore.

The owners are currently test running the restaurant to prepare for their official opening on 30 October 2015.

For the time being, the outlet is serving only Country Chicken and Fijian Fire the spicy version of country chicken, both bone-in and boneless.

En, that’s not all. They have burger menu too, though it is not available at this moment they are surely on their way!

Let’s take a look at their menu.

(Photo Credit – Country Chicken Singapore)

Alright, my turn to enjoy their great meal. This is their 2 piece original meal. It costs $6.30. If you compare this meal to that of KFC, you would have realized that coleslaw or mashed potato is not included.

My review of Country Fried Chicken

Thumbs Up:

  • They spruce up their chickens from Australia’s receipe
  • Honestly, it really live up to their claims that the chicken is non greasy. You won’t be seeing oils oozing from the chicken! Ok, I can hear protests but stay healthy ok 🙂
  • The fries are thicker than what you find in other fast food restaurants
  • The store is clean and spacious
  • The owners are very friendly and enthusiatic


  • The size of chickens is a tad smaller. I wish they could be bigger.
  • Music/songs to liven the ambience
  • Include hot beverages as part of their menu.

Address: 81 Marine Parade Central, #01-638 S(440081)

Hours: Mon – Sun (11:00am – 9:30pm)

Website: http://www.countrychicken.com.sg

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