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Imagination Playground @ Big Splash – Kaboodle Kids

Do you know there is an “imagination playground” over at Big Splash where children can play freely and let their imagination run wild?

Kaboodle Kids is a venue where it encourages playfulness, thoughtfulness and even silliness to help physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. Yup, there are no rules nor right or wrong. Every kid can be their own master of creativity. Foam blocks in different shapes and sizes can be used to make anything you can possibly think of.

Let’s go and check it out.



Post's featued image.

Post's featued image.

 Follow this banner and walk up a short flight of stairs.


The place is littered with blue foam blocks of different shapes and sizes for kids to indulge their fun in. And I mean literally blue! I find this indoor playground relatively stress-free and conducive for kids to engage in fun activities with each other. This time round we actually organized a play date with Big & Small M’s friends to explore Kaboodle Kids.

What makes it fun was that the kids do not have to adhere strictly to a lesson routine – whatever comes to their mind, they just build and rebuild again. From my observation, when the kids enter into the playground they turn on their “auto-pilot” mode immediately. You can be sure they will be playing freely either on their own or with their little friends. A piece of good news – there is no lack of sitting places for parents and cold beverages are on sale as well.

Playing is one of the easiest way for kids to socialize, mingle and get to know each other, especially new friends. When it comes to play, the more the merrier. Look at these little ones engaging in their “little” discussion … I wonder what they are talking about? 🙂

Hello, you too … can I join in please? 🙂

Kids’ expressions are priceless. They are so engrossed in building their imaginary structures. Look at how much fun they had!

When they start to build, they can’t stop. Should the blocks or structures fall, they build again with the encouragement of their peers. It actually helps to build their self confidence and reinforce the value of not to be afraid of failures.


Bravo! Let’s take a look at some of their masterpiece…future architects and engineers in the making.


Yes, they certainly did! And what made it even sweeter for us was celebrating Kaboodle’s 1st Anniversary during this school holiday.

The little ones having a group photo. Memories, once created, can last for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Come and explore Kaboodle Kids at Big Splash today!


3 years old & above

  • Monday – Friday | $25   unlimited hours
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays  | $25   2 hours ($10 for every additional hour thereafter)
  • Daily | $15   1 hour

Below 3 years old

  • Monday – Friday | $10   unlimited hours
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays | $10   2 hours ($5 for every additional hour thereafter)

10-visit membership at $220

  • Monday – Friday | unlimited hours
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays | 2 hours ( $5 for every additional hour thereafter)
  • Socks (non-slip) are required and available for sale @ $3 per pair
  • Two accompanying adults per child. Additional adult at $10.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult/guardian.
  • For safety reasons, non-slip socks must be worn at all times in the play area. Customer who opt to wear regular socks do so at their own risk.
  • CASH & NETS only.

Party Packages | Venue Bookings | Rental of Kaboodle Kids Blocks


Address: 902 East Coast Parkway (Big Splash), Block B, 02-05B, Singapore 449874.

(We are located above Mr Teh Tarik, next to Alpha Gymnastics)

Phone: +65 6247 7020

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm daily

Email: kaboodlekids@kkids.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaboodleKidsSingapore

Website: www.kaboodlekids.com.sg


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