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Sleepwiz Eye Mask: Sleep Better Effortlessly

One of the most useful essentials that one should have would be the eye masks. It is known that poor sleep can interfere with every aspects of our life but with SleepWiz™ eye masks, you can sleep as soundly on a brightly lit environment as you would at home in your comfy bedroom.

SleepWiz™ eye masks are specially designed to create the ideal environment for us to get some good rest so that we can wake up relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Making a name for itself, SleepWiz™ was also featured in BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post as a recommended hack to fall asleep quickly.

For the Side Sleepers

Everyone has a propensity toward one position or another, but side sleepers are the most common of the variations. It is not common for side sleepers to find themselves tossing and turning more than back sleepers which could lead to poor sleep.

SleepWiz™ has introduced an eye masks for the side sleepers which include:

Luxiere™ 100% Silk Eye Mask for Side Sleepers

Image Credit: SleepWiz

For the Back Sleepers

SleepWiz™ has introduced an eye masks for the back sleepers which include:

ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask for Back Sleepers

Image Credit: SleepWiz

Why Sleepwiz?

We had the opportunity to try and after using for 2 nights and we felt it was comfortable for the following reasons:

 A restful night to feel refreshed the next day – The luxiere boosts melatonin levels naturally without the use of pills or chemicals while the DreamWeave technology makes the eyemask impenetrable to light, allowing for longer deep sleep phases, while retaining the natural fibre’s luxurious softness

            Comfort and practicality – by using thin dual straps that ensures the mask stays in place which is useful if you’re a side-sleeper or tend to move a lot when you sleep. The extra wide design also makes it adaptable to faces of different sizes.

                    100% mulberry silk – to ensure your skin stays hydrated and reduce fine lines 

SleepWiz™ eye masks are light, flexible and practical. It certainly doesn’t take up much space. Hey, did we mention this makes a good travel essential items during your road trips? Free shipping within Singapore is provided. You should get one too!





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POSB Smart Buddy – FREE Watch with E-Payment for Schools and Selected Merchants

The POSB Smart Buddy programme / 储蓄银行智能伙伴计划 was launched in in 19 primary schools in August. This ground-breaking programme uses wearable tech (a free watch) to teach students how to save and spend wisely by helping them track their savings and spending habits digitally. Continue reading “POSB Smart Buddy – FREE Watch with E-Payment for Schools and Selected Merchants”

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Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 {Giveaway Tickets to 3 Winners!}

The Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 is here again. If you missed last year’s event, that’s all the more you should give it a go. Parenting is a lifelong journey which we can learn and here at the Singapore Parenting Congress be ready to pick up essential tips how we can be better parents. Continue reading “Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 {Giveaway Tickets to 3 Winners!}”

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A Rock ‘n’ Troll Musical for Kids: The Three Billy Goats Gruff 三只山羊 Review

I previously blogged on The Little Company’s Mandarin version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This is our first time watching a kids musical production and I must say, we enjoyed every single moment!


The Three Billy Goats Gruff (affectionately known as “Big”, “Middle”, and “Baby”) are a close-knit bunch who graze happily together with their caretaker, Little Bo-Frilly. But one day, it dawns on them that they are in the middle of a horrible drought. As the grounds turn a dreadful shade of brown, they’re slowly but surely running out food.

Unfortunately, as the gang decides to cross the bridge to the other side of the valley for survival, they will have to take on a frightening troll that – gulp – loves to feast on goats!






We arrived at the Singapore Repertory Theatre full of anticipation of what to expect out of this musical.

We were clearly impressed by the stage props and of course…

Professionalism of the actors and actresses. They engaged the entire audience totally and we were impressed by their pronounciation, enthusiasm, body language and expression when they were performing. It was an eye-opener for us.

We were glad to watch the Three Billy Goats Gruff musical as it delivered strong educational values for audience to bring back:

  1. Children get to grips with the concept that the grass is not always greener on the other side and to appreciate what they have.
  2. Provides exposure for children studying or wanting to acquire Mandarin.
  3. The importance of being resourceful and thinking on one’s feet is demonstrated in a fun and engaging way.

Big and Small M learn the importance of cultivating a love for Mandarin and how to express themselves better in the use of this language.

We really eat paper!

All thanks to the Singapore Repertory Theatre, our tickets include a photo session with the cast.

It comes with a photo frame as well 🙂


This is an honest opinion from us, at least. After the show, Big and Small M were asking if we can bring them back to SRT again for the next musical production. Rather than watching from a TV screen, why not bring your kids to watch The Three Billy Goats Gruff and be entertained and educated by a real cast? It is definitely value for money.

Rating: 4.5/5

Event Date

  • 18 Feb (Thursday) – 26 Mar (Saturday)
  • Mon – Fri: 10am
  • Sat: 11am, 2pm
  • Fri (25 Mar): 11am

Through All SISTIC Channels
18% Discount for MasterCard Holders
[Applicable for Cat 1 only]
[Valid from 30 Jan till 20 Feb 2016]

10% Discount for MasterCard Holders
[Applicable from 5 Nov 2015 onwards]

S$95(Cat 1) tickets for Family Package of 4 (Weekdays)
S$107(Cat 1) tickets for Family Package of 4 (Weekdays)(with TLC CD Vol.2)
[Applicable from 5 Nov 2015 onwards]
[Applicable for Cat 1 only]

Weekend Family pack prices (4 tickets)
Cat 1 (with photo taking): $163
Cat 2 (no photo taking): $129

Weekend Family pack prices w TLC CD (4 tickets)
Cat 1 (with photo taking): $175
Cat 2 (no photo taking): $141

Through SISTIC Authorised Agents Only
15% Discount for Treasure Island Ticket Stub Holders
[Applicable from 5 Nov 2015 onwards]
[Verification: Present valid “Treasure Island” ticket stubs upon purchase of tickets]
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10% Discount for StarHub Customers
[Applicable from 5 Nov 2015 onwards]
[Verification: present the latest StarHub bill or show StarHub logo on phone]

10% Discount for SPH Staff
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20% Discount for MasterCard Staff
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20% Discount for Starhub Staff
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20% Discount for Berries Staff
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To book your tickets, click here.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we continue updating details of our blog@Katong Kids Inc Facebook page – expect more activities and giveaways coming your way! 🙂

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A Brand New Beginning @ Tao Nan School

Many parents experienced their “first” today. Regardless of which year the children were in, it was their first time stepping into Tao Nan School after it went through a major upgrading. Yes, two solid years. Gone were the days they had to bear the heavy traffic at the previous holding site at Bedok South. Continue reading “A Brand New Beginning @ Tao Nan School”