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Shaw Towers: Wild Market {Food and Bar}

A new mega-eatery by the name of Wild Market opens in Shaw Towers in December. It comes as no surprises to me but hearing that it offers food at foodcourt prices makes it worthwhile to check it out.

Shaw Towers is just located opposite Suntec City. If you are coming from Suntec City, you can cross from the overhead bridge to South Beach Hotel and just cross over a street to Shaw Towers. Parking facilities is available as well.

Wild Market boasts 9,000-sq ft space offering eight separate stalls selling the likes of Western grill, Penang cuisine, Carrot cakes, Peranakan desserts and such.

A peek at Carrot cake’s menu looks quite reasonable.

Original Carrot Cake at $3.

BBQ Carrot Cake at $3.

Grilled Chicken Bento for $6.80.

Lamb Chop with fries and fresh green for $12.90 from Barnyard.

If you are in a mood for a drink and chilling out, there is this drinks stall – called Wild Bar – offering traditional coffee and tea, as well as sake and draft beer.

To top it all, there are lots of seating space for diners. Being in air-conditioned environment is an added bonus too. Some tables are longish and good to fit a small group.

Address: 100 Beach Road #01-27/37 Singapore (Shaw Towers)

Opening Hours: 8am to 11.59pm

Click here to find out more about Wild Market at their Facebook.

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