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Super – What a Smile Tastes Like

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Our coffee lover is back! Yes, it’s me. This past month has been eventful because I have an amazing opportunity to experience different texture and flavours of coffee.

I blogged about Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee previously. In this second and final blog on Super, I am going to share more about it .

In case you are wondering, I have spent the past month tasting the different flavours of White Coffee from Super. Spoilt for choices!

Sounds good, right? : )

There are 4 different flavors of Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee:

1. Coffee & Creamer

This 2 in1 White Coffee and Creamer is a smooth blend with no added sugar,
appealing to coffee lovers who prefer strong, intense roasted flavors.

2. Roasted Hazelnut

This 3 in1 Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee offers a rich and warm nutty taste to the traditional favorite.

3. Classic

This 3 in1 Classic White Coffee, charcoal roasted to perfection, boosting a robust
strong-bodied taste with a titillating aroma.

4. Brown Sugar

This 3 in1 Brown Sugar White Coffee delivers the robust caramel richness of brown sugar,
giving it a mesmerizing aroma with its deep and rich flavor.

For the coffee lovers out there, I am sure there will be a Super white coffee flavor that will “strike a chord” with you. It’s hard for me to single out which flavor I like the best. If I were to choose, I would say I particularly like these 3 flavors, namely, Coffee & Creamer (with no added sugar I can indulge on it feeling “guilt-free”), Roasted Hazelnut (health benefits) and Brown Sugar (the intense aroma gives me a nostalgic feel which reminds me of coffee-tasting back in those traditional Ipoh coffeeshops).

There’s a spirit of optimism in everything Super do because they make it their mission to create tasty products and package them delightfully to bring a little joy into our everyday occasions. By listening to what we are looking for and actively sourcing for great ingredients, Super strive to deliver that great taste experience we look forward to. After all, that’s what Super look forward to … Putting a smile on your face.
This video expresses the best how much I love Super products.
With so many satisfied customers, you can never go wrong with Super. Be a Super Customer today!
Not All White Coffee Are Created Equal.
Baristas’ Choice: Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee
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