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Mindy’s 6th Birthday Party @ Juz Art Studio!

The key to art jamming’s success is that it’s FUN!

It’s a way to express ourselves, gets out all our creative energy!

It’s Mindy’s 6th birthday! We had been planning for some time what and how we were going to celebrate for her.

A day out at Juz Art Studio, an amazing centre located right at the heart of Katong district, is where we can find all the lovely surprises and fun!

Art is an expression of ourselves and has no boundaries. Regardless of your age, Juz Art Studio offers fine art classes for everyone! They believe in confidence building and creative thinking.

 Voila! Juz Art Studio is just opposite I12 Katong, beside the former Red House Bakery. Easy to locate, easy to remember.

Here we are @ Juz Art Studio  🙂

M&Ms were over the moon the moment they stepped into the studio! The studio is clean, bright and contemporary.

We had a fun time laying out the party items while awaiting for the guests to arrive.

This is how the studio front looks like.

There are various art and craft materials to explore!

This is the back of the studio. The easels and art supplies are in place – all ready for art jamming later!

 We had fun packing the party packs, developing the past photos of her and pasting them into a cardboard. Mindy was involved throughout the preparation process. Special thanks to my firstborn Macy, she designed and guided Mindy with the layout below.

Sophia the First Purple theme High Tea menu by Mister & Mrs (Café. Cupcake Shop)

Pictures before Art Jamming..

(Art jamming is free play painting party with musical genres playing at the background.)

Getting ready to put on their aprons…

Every kid was given a canvas, unlimited paint, brushes and sponges and allowed to let loose their imagination!

We geared up in aprons and the art jamming began!

Painting in the studio is a totally different feel as you can get to paint together with a group of friends. Through this, the kids get the best of both worlds – not only would they be able to enjoy celebrating Mindy’s birthday, but also relish in trying out Art Jamming. Pictures speak more than a thousand words!

Fun and carefree painting, inspires every guests to unleash their individuality and creativity without rigid instructions!

Everyone was too engrossed in their works, oblivious to the surroundings.

It was truly a therapeutic experience that exposed the inner artist in all of our guests.

Curiosity, imagination, creativity and playfulness are all you need to have an enjoyable time.

Whoa, masterpieces by all our little guests! They are all quite artistically inclined! What you think?
A showcase of the fruits of the kids’ labour. Potential artists in the making!
Yes, they had lots of fun having art jamming. But it didn’t stop there.
Now it was time to focus all the attention on Mindy.
All the kids gathered excitedly for the biggest highlight and most awaited moment of the party – the cake cutting ceremony!
“1, 2 & 3….everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to Mindy in unison. We could see she was blushing as all eyes were fixed on her.
Most importantly of all, Mindy was surrounded by friends and family who loved her so much. She made her little wishes before blowing out the candles.
We knew this moment was very special for Mindy. A birthday party could only be memorable when these moments were captured in pictures from all angles.
Special thanks to Juz Art Studio’s Director, Daddies and Mummies out there who snapped these photos. It really meant a lot to Mindy.
Want to do something different for your child’s birthday this year?
Look no further,
Juz Art Studio host birthday parties with a personal touch perfect for a birthday celebration to remember. The choice is yours!
The studio has a team of professional and fun-loving teachers who are passionate about imparting lifelong skills in the arts. Over here, you can be sure that Juz Art Studio will definitely develop a greater appreciation for arts in both children and adults.


Feel free to contact Juz Art Studio.

Address: 77 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428783

Business Hotline: 8111-0158 (Office Hours)


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  1. Wow it looks like a superb party with food (I went wide-eyed looking at the spread!) and fun! I think it is super cool to be art-jamming as birthday party, must keep this in mind when my kids grow older!

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