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When The Kids Are Away The Parents Will Play

Have you ever thought about taking an adult only holiday? Even if you have never heard the term before, you have to admit that it already sounds awesone. To do this, you can either leave the kids at home for the summer – that’s a little cruel – or arrange two separate holidays. All, you need to do is find someone, a family member or friend, eager to take your kids on a fun-filled magical holiday to somewhere like Disney World while you head off elsewhere. Couples thinking about having kids are the perfect target for this because they often quite like the idea of a test trial family holiday.

But what will you do while your kids are off meeting mickey mouse? The better question would be what won’t you do!

Extreme Sports

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Depending on the age of your kids, you might get away with completing some extreme sports while on vacation, but don’t count on it. Not every child loves the idea of hurling themselves off a building attached to bungee cord or soaring ten thousand feet up in a plane to jump out. Not every parent is thrilled with the idea of letting their child do this either. But, if you’re vacationing without the kids, you can do this without worring about their safety and just get that blood pumping.

Our recommendation for this possiblity would be to head to Vegas and forget about the casinos. Instead, find the tower where you can go bungee jumping…in the dark!

Wonders of Wine Tasting

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You could also think about spending a vacation sampling what is surely one of your favourite beverages. Wine tasting is a very adult adventure for obvious reasons, and it’s rather fun. You get to see how the wine is made and engage in the cultural side of drinking wine. How about trying something like the Coquelicot Estate Wines; Tasting Room because it’s sure to satisy, intrigue and delight.

Regardless of where you head in the world there are some fantastic choices for wine tasting but exploring Southern France would be our recommendation for this activity.

Tee Off at 9, Lunch at 10, Massage at 11

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Alternatively, you could focus your adult holiday around something like golf. Golf is a little boring for kids, and the closest you’ll get on a family vacation is probably going to be mini golf. However, for adults it can be very enjoyable, relaxing and even offer some serenity. The other good thing about golf is that the courses are often retreats. That means they have some fantastic luxury features.

Take Palm Springs for instance. The golf isn’t always what attracts people but rather the luxury lifestlye and incredible enivronment. Get Swedish massages and much more while you relax and unwind in a haven that you’ll probably never want to leave.

Ultimately an adult only holiday can be just what the doctor ordered to help you relieve stress, get some much needed me time and escape the craziness of the family vacations. We hope you have a fantastic time if you book one for yourself.


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