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Be Part of The Digital Parking Trial!

Good news for drivers! Motorists can say goodbye to the hassle of tearing parking coupons, with a new mobile application for the payment of parking fees in the works.

URA and HDB, in partnership with GovTech, are developing a digital parking application to allow motorists to pay parking charges through their mobile devices. Till the end of September, there is a trial to test the functionalities of the app. Feedback gathered from this trial will help improve the app for everyone.

About the Trial

How does the digital parking app work?

The digital parking app allows users to pay short term parking charges through their mobile devices at public car parks selected for the trial. This will be an alternative mode of payment to paper parking coupons. Users will need to key in their vehicle number, select the car park, indicate the parking duration, pay using their credit or debit card and start parking. Users will also be able to extend the parking session remotely via the app.

How do users sign up for the trial?

Users can participate in the trial by signing up at

How can I download the app?

You will receive the download instructions via email if you are selected as a trial participant. Please note that signing up only puts you on the shortlist to be part of the trial. You will only be able to download the app if you are contacted by us.

How do users know that they have been selected for the trial?

Users will be notified via email when they are selected for the trial.

What is the selection criteria for the trial?

It will be based on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to limitations imposed by Apple’s TestFlight system, only the first 10,000 iPhone users will be selected for the trial.

How soon, upon sign up, can selected applicants receive the app to try out the mobile parking app? How will they know they are selected?

We will be pushing out the app to users in a staged rollout. Selected applicants will be notified via email with instructions on how to install the app.

What are the vehicle types accepted for this trial?

The trial is currently only open to cars. Motorcycles and heavy vehicles will be available at a later stage of the trial.

Do users have to pay for parking during the trial?

Yes. The charges will follow the prevailing short-term parking rates. Unlike coupon parking, users pay based on their actual parking duration on a per minute basis. A refund will be given if they choose to end the parking session earlier.

Will users receive a parking offence notice during the trial since they are not using parking coupons?

Enforcement officers have been trained to identify digitally parked cars for the trial. However, if a car is parked without displaying valid parking coupon(s), and the app has not been used appropriately for the purpose of parking, or the parking session has expired, enforcement officers will issue a parking offence notice.

Is there an appeal process if users are issued with a parking offence notice during the trial?

Appeals for parking offence notices related to the use of the digital parking app during the trial will be processed through existing appeal channels handled by HDB and URA.

About the App

How do users pay for their parking sessions?

Users have to key in the vehicle and parking details in the app, and will be prompted to enter their credit or debit card details to pay for the parking session. Only Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are currently accepted.

What happens if a user forgets to end his/her parking session during the trial?

When the user starts a parking session, he/she must indicate the intended parking duration. If a parking session is not extended, it will expire automatically after the parking duration ends. Users can choose to start another parking session to ensure that they have a valid parking session that covers the duration of parking.

What happens if users encounter issues with the digital parking app?

In the event the app does not work, the user should display parking coupons to pay parking charges under normal circumstances. Users could thereafter submit their feedback through the app or to

How do users know the car park they are parking at is included for the trial?

Only car parks selected for the trial will be selectable in the app. The other car parks excluded from the trial will not be selectable in the app.

What happens to user’s parking session when their phone runs out of battery?

The parking session will continue to run, and will expire at the end of the selected parking duration. Users can choose to purchase another parking session from another mobile device if they wish to park for a longer duration.

What happens if user forgets to bring their phone or is unable to connect to the internet?

If users are unable to park using the app for the above stated reasons, they will have to display parking coupons. Alternatively, they can consider nearby car parks that operate with the Electronic Parking System.

Can users start a parking session on behalf of another person?

Yes, you can. User will need to enter the correct vehicle and parking details on behalf of the other person to start a parking session. There can only be one session activated per app.

What happens if users key in their vehicle and parking details wrongly?

The user can simply end the session and start a new one with the correct details.

Why do I need to select a parking duration? Can’t it just be a start / stop button?

Users may forget to end their parking session. If this happens, their charges will continue to run. This can be avoided when motorists select an estimated parking duration. If they end their parking session earlier, they will receive a refund.

Does the digital parking app track my parking history for claiming purposes?

Yes, you can view you parking history via the app. However, do note that your parking history will no longer be available on your phone if you change phones, remove or reinstall the app.

Will the digital parking app prompt users to extend their parking session when it is near its expiry?

Yes. If a user allows notifications from the app, they will be notified to extend their parking sessions 10 minutes before its expiry and at the point of expiry.

After the Trial

What will users get in return?

User participation and feedback help us improve the system and app rapidly. In turn, we will be able to bring this to fruition earlier, providing users with a seamless parking experience.

Drivers can also choose to extend their parking session straight from the app without having to go back to their vehicle. Parking charges are also calculated based on a per-minute basis. Previously with parking coupons, you must use a minimum 30-minute coupon.

The end result? Bringing more convenience to all motorists.

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