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3D2N Phuket Travelogue – Day 2 (Part 3): Elephant Trekking

And it was a rainy affair on our second day in Phuket. We wouldn’t allow it to dampen our plans either. Big and Small M wanted to be near to nature and going on elephant trekking seemed to be a good fit for us.

We hopped onto a Tuk Tuk at Jungceylon when the rain began to subside. Our friendly driver recommended some activities for us. Since we had already decided on elephant trekking, we didn’t consider the rest. You can see from this picture there are many drivers outside Jungceylon awaiting for customers. Approach any of them and negotiate a reasonable fee to bring you to your desired destination.

On our way up to the hills.

The ride was pretty fast. I guessed it didn’t take longer than 15 mins to reach the elephant trekking area.


A bit of what to expect. Once you reached the elephant trekking area, you will be guided to this shed where a staff will explain to you on the ride charges. It costs $900 baht for an adult and $600 baht for a child for a 30 mins ride. We were quoted $4,800 bahts for 4 adults and 2 children. Now, you can actually negotiate with the staff for a better price. The inclement weather helped us at the same time. We were unsure whether to go ahead as it was still raining and seeing us procrastinating and didn’t want to lose our business, we were given 20% discount and ended up paying $3,800 baht. Sounds like a good deal 🙂

Small M getting ready. We were provided with poncho to shelter us from the rain.

Let’s take a wefie before we go.

This is our guide. He has no safety harness or anything and yet able to balance himself steadily on the elephant. It takes real skills and experience!

Big M in front of us posing for a photoshot.

The way uphill was really slow. No much of scenery to enjoy though. Along the way, don’t be surprised that the elephant will stop to have a nibble or … poo … Yucks!

In the middle of your ride, the guide would turn over and asked if he could use your camera to take pictures for you. The outcome? Nothing is free! You need to tip him in return for his efforts to take pictures for you. No guarantee the pictures will be well taken. Our guide was using my Lumix and kept snapping away. Fortunately he managed to capture some nice pictures.

Back to the starting point.

A blissful sight. We met a Chinese couple from Shanghai coming here for their wedding photoshoot.


# $100 baht for a basket of banana

# Feeding of baby elephant

Yes, it actually cost $100 baht just for one basket. We find it too expensive but well, we still go ahead as it’s one and probably only time we will be doing that.

This baby elephant was very motivated by food. And smile she did – a big wide smile!

Her eyes are fixed on the bananas.

You are feeding me toooo slow… let me help myself instead okay.

What a good feed …. burp!

Not forgetting to say a big thank you to Big and Small M for feeding me 🙂

When you visit Phuket, remember to add elephant trekking as part of your itinerary.

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10 thoughts on “3D2N Phuket Travelogue – Day 2 (Part 3): Elephant Trekking”

  1. Whenever we traveled in Phuket, we always rented a jeep or car and drove around the island. It’s not that tough, you can try that some day? I think we went to the same elephant place and I was ignorant then to enjoy such rides. Today, I will not hesitate to turn away from businesses that profit from animal slavery. Pity my children who will never get to ride on any animals except for horses.


  2. I tried this once many yrs ago but felt kinda cheated cos we were only taken for a ride around a field & trekking through the forest like my ex-colleague had shared >.<


  3. It certainly looks fun and an enjoyable experience for the children! However, with so much more knowledge about the horrific conditions these animals are in, for the trainers’ benefits, I will not support animal riding as well. I wish they would give these animals a better treatment!


  4. It’s the same when we were in Bali! The guide will offer to take pictures for us and of course he’s expecting tips… Anyway, looks like the kids enjoy this 🙂


  5. I remembered my first elephant ride in thailand yonks ago! Yes it was quite an experience then too hehe, never realised how coarse the hair was or how crazy big the ears was! Elephants are awesome creatures. Maybe next time can consider the elephant conservation centres to be up close n personal with the gentle giants, loads of educational stuff for the kids too!


  6. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing this post. Scores of thrilling water sports, delectable restaurants and amzing reorts on the coastlines of this dreamy island ensure that you have not a single dull moment here.


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