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A Visit to Fish@Big Splash

What better way to enjoy a taste of school holidays than by engaging in fun and engaging family activities? Yes, you’re right. As the name suggests, Fish@Big Splash offers you an array of activities for all ages to enjoy. We had reservation on visiting places that are too “ulu”. However, that’s not the case for Fish@Big Splash. It is conveniently located inside Big Splash, directly opposite Starbucks and Crab in De Bag, East Coast Park.

With the East Coast beach, popular eateries and abundance of fresh sea breeze, we had our little day out at Fish@Big Splash.

Let’s go and have a look at the activities we enjoyed there!


# For 2 to 12 years old

# Kids will get to reminisce their parents’ good old days of catching fishes with small nets from our specially re-created “Longkang” pond

# $12 per hour with net and $3 for a small tank


Good-to-know rules. They are pasted around the pond for you to read.

We picked to go during the evening as the weather is cooler and the crowd would probably be lesser. This would give Big and Little M more space to do their fishing!

Fishes where are you?

There you are…

A fisherman in the making.

Look at our catch of the day! Big and Little M enjoy longkang fishing very very much because it is a fresh experience every time they come. They will not know what kind of fish or shrimp they can catch each time and whether they will be “fortunate” to have a big haul on that day. Having said that, you have the option either to bring the fishes back or decide to release them back to the pond. Children who opt not to bring fishes home will also receive a little souvenir.


# Pamper yourself and achieve better blood circulation while maintaining smooth and radiant skin at the Fish Spa

# The original “Garra Rufa” fishes from Turkish hot springs, known also as “physio fish” have the ability to nibble away dead skin.

# $10 for 15 mins or $15 for 30 mins

This picture speaks more than a thousand words. Look at Little M laughing over the tickling feeling!


# Healthy fish are always hungry

# Kids and grown-ups will have great fun feeding and watching the Koi fishes gather to feed

# Feed koi fishes which have been regarded as an auspicious symbol of wealth and prosperity in Fengshui

# Fish feeding with milk bottle at $4

Okay, I have to admit I’m naive this time round. I thought milk bottle feeding only happens to human infants or land animals but … didn’t realize we can also do it for koi! Big M held the milk bottle filled with feeds close to the water surface. In no time, the koi fishes swarmed over and started to nibble at the bottle. What a sight for us 🙂


# Make a dash to the playground located right beside the pond!

There is a washing point available to wash and rinse your feet and hands.


# Look out for prawn colour tag. Surprises are in stored!

# Big head prawns and Freshwater Lobsters up for your catch from our large ponds

# Selected prawns are tagged with colors which entitle lucky customers to win different special prizes!

# Prawning rods and baits are provided

# BBQ grillers are also available for customers to cook as they catch

Pictures taken during the daytime. Look at the popularity and crowd it draws.

Let’s face it. We declared we have never tried prawning before and totally inexperienced. The helpful staff, 小 刚, assisted us to prepare the bait and taught us a few tips on the techniques on how to do prawning. We will try our best 🙂

Big M trying to look professional … LOL

No luck. Decided to change location…

Good news! Fresh prawns are released into the pond around every hour for everyone to catch.

Woohoo, finally! Big M can’t contained her excitement.

What to do with the catch? There is a BBQ area to grill the prawns.

One word to describe how the prawn tasted like – shiok!


# Suitable for kids

# Price starts at only 80 cents per rod.

# Hook up as many prawns as you want but game will end immediately once the line (string) breaks!

# You can bring home all the prawns caught or BBQ them on the spot

# Only available on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 2pm to 11pm.


# Fish@Big Splash a great place to hold your birthday party, corporate event or school outing

# Ample parking lots inside Big Splash and right in front of Fish@Big Splash

# Free parking if you park at the parallel parking lots along East Coast Parkway

Fish@Big Splash is situated inside Big Splash, directly opposite Starbucks and Crab in De Bag, East Coast Park.

Fish@Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway, #01-30, Block H, Big Splash,
Singapore 449874

Tel: (65) 83386530, (65) 90080201


How to get there:

Disclosure: Katong Kids Inc was given complimentary fishing/prawning for review purposes. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are ours, copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

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