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3D2N Phuket Travelogue – Day 1 (Part 2): Banzaan Fresh Market

In my previous blog on Patong Marina Hotel, you can clearly see how much fun and occupied we were over at Patong beach.

That night, we were recommended by the locals to visit Banzaan Fresh Market and off we go.

We were greeted by a bustling food street when we reached.

Food … food and food everywhere! Everyone was spoilt for choices as they mingled into the crowd to look at the local delicacies.

The food prices vary depending on the selection. I would say 150 Baht or lower can get you a decent nibble 🙂

Try the local BBQ fish. It is a popular Thai dish.

Whatever you want to find, you can definitely find it here.

Thai food appeals even to foreigners. They simply love it.

This seafood stall draws many customers. We can see the food display is really fresh.

Ok, I have a weakness for tiger prawns. I made an order for 3 tiger prawns which cost 150 baht. They look real juicy!

BBQ-ing on the go…

Almost there…


Big M is a fan of seafood. Well, it ended up into her stomach eventually.

Banzaan Fresh Market is just next to the food street.

It has 2 levels.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is where all the fresh food is. As most markets, the place is divided in zones: fruits,  veggies, meat, fish and all the cooking ingredients.

This is the fruits corner.

This section of the ground floor selling seafood is the most popular among tourists.

Choose and buy your favourite seafood, weigh them and pay for it.

You may be scratching your head – why would tourists want to buy fresh seafood for?!

Well, that’s where the action starts in second floor! Hang on, I will get you there 🙂

There are many stalls over here selling seafood.

The view from the top.

Second Floor

Here we are in the second floor. Banzaan Food Village is here.

Many stalls here selling local Thai dishes. You have 2 options:

# Order local Thai dishes straight from the stalls (no seafood)

# Buy live seafood from ground floor and bring it up here for the stall owners to cook for you (you have to pay for the labour)

This is more like a food court and not a restaurant. So you have to manage your expectations that the floor and tables may be a tad dirty. Bring along wet wipes and tissue papers to wipe the table and chairs.

Hunger pangs is here. Alright, let’s start to place our order.

Live seafood bought from ground level.

Our Master Chef starts to work.

Here you go. Mouth drooling over these cereal prawns 🙂

We were soooo full that we could hardly walk after that.

Banzaan Market is simply awesome! But that’s not the end.

Exit from the other end of Banzaan Fresh Market you will find another street selling food and various products.

Eat and shop till you drop.

It’s a ladies world.

Remember to bargain and bargain when buying something.

60 baht = SGD 2.40

Headed back to our hotel feeling real “KO” and that ended our Day 1 in Phuket! (:

Banzaan Fresh Market Opening Hours

Open: 6 am to 9 pm Location: Sai Kor Road, Patong beach, (behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall)

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