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Getting Ready for Primary One Orientation


I received in the mail, about a few days ago, of Little M’s class details and where to gather for the orientation briefing.

I’m sharing from a second-time parent of a soon-to-be Primary 1 child 🙂

1. What to bring

Your spouse, or your child’s other guardian. As you will need someone to join the long queues while you take care of other matters, like filling in and handling in the forms. Also do bring a pen and remember your bank account details.

2. Prepare your child (he/she is going to a brand new school next year)

Pre-empt your child before the orientation that he/she will be going to classroom with the teachers and his new friends to do some interesting activities (i.e.,art and crafts, introducing his/her name) while you are sitting somewhere near the classroom, attending an introductory session, so you will not be far from him/her. Assure your child that you will pick them up after the orientation session is over.  (Don’t worry, your child will be comfortably adjusted to the new environment. :))

3. Many Forms to Fill

-Pupil Data Form (from MOE, with some pre-printed information)

-GIRO Application Form for school fees (from MOE, with some pre-printed information)

-Parents and Pupil Details Form

-Dental Service Consent Form

-Parent Support Group Response Slip

-A Student Daycare Registration Form

-National Library Membership Registration Form

-School Bus Transport Arrangement Form

4. What to buy

Uniforms, school’s socks and school books, do bring up to S$250 cash or a cheque to purchase these items.

5. Explore the School Premises

-Recce the Canteen

It will be a good opportunity to guide him/her along a practical life experience to use money and count exact change when ordering food.

a. Where’s the washing sink to wash hands before and after eating,

b. Clearing own plates after the meal.

c. Where are the water cooler stations (kids may forget to bring their water bottles from classrooms etc)

d. Where All the Toilets were

e.General Office

This will be a good time to tell your child what to expect on the 1st day of school and they are going to be able to do things independently.

6. A Soon-To-Be Primary 1 Child

-Independent toileting skills

-Tell Time


-Pack their own bags


I think its pretty daunting for a six year old to leave the cushy comforts of kinder and move onto the big school campus. I guess I got to keep Little M excited and encouraged about moving to the ‘BIG’ school..

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