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Finland Travelogue – (Part 5): SantaPark, The Home Cavern of Santa Claus in Lapland

A visit to SantaPark offers an exciting glimpse into the secret going on of Santa’s elves at the Elf School. How about decorating ginger biscuits made using Mrs Claus’s recipe, romping around in the Angry Birds play area (did I say correctly?) and joining other activities in the cavern?

Entrance of Santa Claus’ grotto SantaPark in Rovaniemi in Lapland
Image Credit: Santa Television
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Entrance tickets can be purchased online in this website or/and also at SantaPark ticket booth. Take note that each ticket is valid for two consecutive days. So when planning your itinerary, make sure to include SantaPark before the last day of your trip to maximise your ticket mileage.

A creepy and spooky long tunnel leading to the main entrance greeted us when we stepped into SantaPark, heightening our anticipation of encountering the elves!

What is SantaPark About?

SantaPark is a Christmas-themed amusement park that is located just 8km from Rovaniemi and 2km from Santa Claus Village. It is a portion of a 12,000m2 population shelter so it is all underground in a large cave with 40m of rock overhead as you enter. Good to hear that it is the only place in the world that you can undercross the Arctic Circle is at SantaPark.


The activities you can expect to discover here:

Santa’s Office

Elves’ Post Office

Toy Factory Shopping Area

Elf School

Elf School Diploma

Elf Trainee Hat

SantaPark Magic Show (3 times a day)

Magic Train

Elf Workshop

Angry Birds Activity Area

Visit to Ice Gallery, Ice Bar and meeting with the Ice Princess

Undercrossing of the Arctic Circle

Mrs. Gingerbread Bakery

… and, you can take as many photos and videos with Santa, Elves, Ice Princess & Mrs. Gingerbread as you like!

Santa’s Post Office was the first stop when we entered in the amusement park.




This is also the place to shop for souvenirs and see how the letters were being sorted before mailing. The souvenirs were mainly Christmas themed which were attractive to browse.



Visitors can purchase greeting cards and send it to their friends/loved ones overseas. As you can see, the Christmas concept is pretty much the same in SantaPark and Santa Claus Village which we blogged here. Since you have flew all the way here, it is still worth to give it a try.

SantaPark Activities

This is the point where you undercrosss the Arctic Circle to be greeted by a beautiful Ice Princess outside the Ice Gallery.



Exploring the ice sculptures.


The making of Santa Claus figurines at the Elf Workshop. The popularity of Arctic Circle has certainly travelled far and wide. We met fellow Singaporeans over here too!

This was the part where we re-visited the Elf Workshop again after the crowds were cleared.



Let’s display our masterpiece here.


Mrs Gingerbread Bakery is the sweet spot for kids to decorate gingerbread cookies.




We visited Santa Claus in his office. SantaPark trip was really valued for money as we can take as many pictures we liked with Santa.

Just with Big and Small M 🙂


The Magic Sleigh Ride was the part where we enjoyed the most. It was unfortunate that the magic sleigh was down when we arrived and the staff had a hard time trying to fix the train. Just when SantaPark was nearing to closing time, we received a good news that the magic sleigh was up and running. You can imagine how excited we were, including the visitors there, rushing to queue up for the ride.

The magic sleigh takes around six minutes to complete each circuit of the 150m-long track where excited passengers pass through winter scenes and vistas, meeting elves and reindeer along the way.

Special video credit due to Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). They did an excellent job capturing the spirit of SantaPark. Watch the clip of the magic sleigh.

Ticket is valid for two consecutive days.

17.50 €/adult, 15.00 €/child (3-12 yrs), free for children under 3 years old. A trip to SantaPark is definitely worth it!


Opening Hours

18.11.2017 – 30.11.2017

Daily from 10.00 to 17.00

01.12.2017 – 07.01.2018

Daily from 10.00 to 18.00
*Exception: 24.12.2017 from 10 to 16!


Daily from 10.00 to 17.00

Location & Distances

SantaPark, the Christmas theme park is located right on the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi – Finland.

SantaPark – Rovaniemi city center: 8 km (approx. 15 min. journey with bus line number 8 – Santa’s Express)

SantaPark – Rovaniemi Airport: 2 km.

We offer free parking for all guests.

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