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Finland Travelogue – (Part 6): Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi Lapland

Widely regarded as one of the most exotic hotels in the world, it would be a shame not to experience staying at The Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos when visitors are in Finland. Talk about sleeping in Glass Igloos under the shining stars and possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. After a day of snow activities, we finally reached the Arctic SnowHotel in the evening.



The hotel’s reception and restaurant are located under the same roof.

What is Arctic SnowHotel About?

 The Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos are located in Rovaniemi, Finland which is just a short 26 km away from the town centre of Rovaniemi. The hotel lies right on the shore of the scenic Lehtojavi Lake.



The glass igloo is well heat insulated to ensure visitors are not affected by the cold during the coldest of times at night. The roof of the igloo is made from electrically heated glass, which means the glass will not cool the space; rather it maintains evenly distributed warmth while melting all the snow and ice off the roof.





The beds in the igloo are motorised, which makes it possible for visitors to adjust the optimal position or sleeping or viewing the skies.

he hotel’s special Aurora Borealis alarm service guarantees that guests won’t miss an appearance of the Northern Lights. Sadly, we did not catch any Aurora Borealis during the trip. We guess staying at the glass igloo was an unforgettable experience. A night’s stay would set you back by about EUR 799 for a family of 4. So we chose to stay just for a night and a huge disappointment at not being able to catch the aurora.

The glass igloo contained basic facilities like a bathroom (warm water only last for 25 mins before it turns cold), a mini-fridge and water flask. Hey, to our dismay there was no TV available. On top of that, the hotel’s Wi-Fi was down the entire day. Imagine the inconvenience of not being able to connect into internet and no entertainment in the glass igloo 😦


We had our dinner on the bed!


Rise and shine. We woke up early the next morning for breakfast.


The selections were few and not that impressive.


We spent the whole morning playing in the snow – making snowman, skating, exploring the frozen lake and many more before making our way back to Helsinki.



They had so much fun playing in the frozen lake.




The snow was pure and tasty!





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