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10D9N Taiwan Travelogue – (Part 8): Day 8 @ Kaohsiung 高雄, Cijin Island 旗津島 and Ruifeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

You would have heard your friends sharing how fun Taipei is when they are back from their travel. Now that you maybe considering whether to visit Kaohsiung and our answer is a big YES. Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest metropolitan area and its second city. While it may not be as happening as Taipei city, there are definitely pockets of interesting attractions that promise to mesmerize you.

Streets of Kaohsiung

We checked in The Icon Hotel of Kaohsiung and without delay, off we go exploring the streets.

It may sound weird but honestly, we really enjoy walking along the streets of neighbourhood.

We continue to stroll the streets…you would have noticed that the streets in Kaohsiung is much less crowded than that of Taipei.

Do you like dessert? 海之冰 Hai Zhi Bing is a worthy to recommend dessert shop in Kaohsiung that you should patronize. The shop is located at No. 76, Bīnhǎi 1st Road, Gushan District Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804.

海之冰 Hai Zhi Bing shop may look run-down but don’t be fooled by its appearance. It sure can draw crowds even on a weekday.

Spotted this store and we tried the jumbo buns.

And we ended up in this cafe called “La House”. What’s inside?

La House

We were told by a local that this cafe is no stranger to warming people’s hearts through food so we decided to try it out.

La House presents a range of delectable pastries, desserts and of course, various main course meals.

Adding to that, the interior sports a pleasant and cosy look.

Big M loves western food!

So we settled our lunch here before going to a wonderful attraction. Stay tune.

Cijin Island 旗津島

Cijin is a very long and narrow island just a few hundred meters away from the Kaohsiung coast. This small island is accessible by ferry in which motorbikes and passengers can hop onto it to travel to it. You will be happy to know that Cijin is known for its street markets and is an attraction for travellers. To get to Cijin, you need to be at Gushan Ferry Pier to take the ferry.

It cost slightly more than SGD $1 for a one-way ferry ride.

We are entering the ferry together with other passengers and motorbikers.

It’s pretty congested inside the ferry. I hardly can move.

The ferry ride was fast and we finally reached Cijin!

Streets are occupied with cafes and eateries.

媽祖廟 Mazu Temple has been here since the Qing dynasty.

Cijin island is neither big or small. One way to get around this island is to rent a bicycle to move around for sight-seeing. And boy, the bicycles are powered by motors. It’s so easy to navigate 🙂

We are going to ride the bicycle and our little passengers are all smiles 🙂

And off we go…snapping pictures after pictures along the way.

We delved deeper into the village.

You can imagine how tall this building is.

A store selling souvenirs.

Cihou Fort (or spelt Qihou Fort) is a 19th Century Fort that used to guard the northern entrance to Kaohsiung Harbour. The entrance of the Fort was destroyed by the Japanese in the battle of Yiwei in 1895. You have to walk further up to reach The Cihou Lighthouse. That means you can’t cycle up the slopes. We did not explore here for a reason. This spot is manifested with lots and lots of mosquitoes. We were literally running away after staying for less than 5 mins for photo-taking. Remember to bring along insect repellent if you intend to explore The Cihou Lighthouse. It opens from 9am to 4pm.

Continue our cycling adventure.

Along our way, we spotted our family members as well. They also rented bicycles!

We arrived at this touristy area with restaurants selling seafood and cafes.

As evening arrives, it’s the start of the night markets.

Cijin is surrounded by seas. Take a stroll and feel the wind and splashing of sea waters.

If you intend to stay in Cijin, there are hotels near Cijin beach. You can click here to check out the available hotels.

Many shops inside this building sell local sea products.

We continued exploring the night streets.

That’s all for Cijin and we returned our bicycles and left Cijin.

Ruifeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

As night falls, it’s time for us to shop and eat. We took the MRT to Kaohsiung Arena Station and alight from there to walk to Ruifeng Night Market.

Take the MRT Red Line to stop R14 and and get out at the San Min Vocational School Exit. Follow Yucheng Road heading west until you hit the market at the corner of Nanping Road. As you walk, the school campus should be on your right side. Ruifeng Night Market is about 10 mins walk from the MRT.

Feels like we are back to Taipei 🙂

The Ruifeng night market is the largest and most popular night market in north Kaohsiung. he Rei Feng night market is not open every night. It is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. It opens around 6:00pm on the other days until about midnight.

We love to eat omelette.

Chicken cutlet as well.

Ruifeng Night Market is a shopping haven for ladies.

How can I not try Taiwan bubble tea?

Formosa Boulevard Station

Before we returned to our hotel, we heard of this MRT station called Formosa Boulevard which has a beautiful dome. Ranked second-most beautiful metro station in the world, the Formosa Boulevard Station is definitely a site to be seen while visiting Kaohsiung.

The station is known for its “Dome of Light”, the largest glass work in the world, designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. It is 30 metres in diameter and covers an area of 2,180 square metres, made up of 4,500 glass panels.

Formosa Boulevard station is named after the remodelling of Kaohsiung’s Jhongshan Road (中山路) during the preparation for the 2009 World Games, Formosa in turn representing Ilha Formosa, the name of the island commonly referred to as Taiwan.

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  1. Cijin Island sounds like a hidden treasure! First heard about the Mazu temple on a TV program a few months ago.. Must have been an interesting culture exploration for the girls too!


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