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The Icon of Kaohsiung City – The Icon Hotel

高雄艾卡設計旅店 The Icon Hotel Kaohsiung is featured as one of the best boutique hotels in Taiwan with room rates starting from just SGD $71. Yeah, it’s true before you start to rub your eyes. Three words literally sums up this hotel  – Centralized, Convenience and Contemporary. It’s a fitting introduction to a city that has both a beguiling history and a compelling contemporary scene.

Hey, this is a boutique hotel with whimsical and charming themes which draws people like us, who want a totally new and refreshing experience from their hotel stay. With over 30 different room themes to choose from, you are guaranteed to be spoiled for choices. We stayed in a privilege quad room on level 8 and we strongly recommend this for a memorable experience!


  • The Icon Hotel is within 9 mins walk from either Formosa Boulevard or Central Park Metro Stations
  • Only 6 MRT stops to Kaohsiung International Airport without the need to change MRT platforms
  • Famous XinJueJiang Shopping District is found within walking distance
  • Surroundings are filled with eateries selling local delicacies

The Icon Hotel is within a walking distance of 9 mins from either Central Park Metro Station or Formosa Boulevard Metro Station, making it easy for guests to travel around Kaohsiung City and its surrounding areas. We took the MRT from Kaohsiung International Airport and arrived at Central Park Metro Station in just 6 stops.

Doing your homework is important. The Icon Hotel is in walk-able distance from the MRT station. You do not really need to take cab there.

Built in 2011, this hotel looks relatively new and sparkly clean when we arrived. Much has been heard about this hotel before we came to Kaohsiung and we were feeling upbeat it will meet our expectations.


We were hosted by the staff of the Reservation Department, Ms. Viola Chen, upon our arrival. She has a pleasant and friendly disposition that makes her approachable to the hotel guests. She provided us with a walking map that could guide us to explore Kaohsiung attractions. On top of it, we were pleased that checking in was fuss-free and quick.

Prior to our arrival, we were intrigued by the hotel’s theme rooms and artistic hallways. Some of them were alike trick-eye museum that literally blown you away when you stepped in. For us, we chose this privilege quad room with a slide … needless to say, it must be Big & Small M’s idea. 🙂

Apple iMac computers are provided at a corner beside the reception for guests to use the internet for free.

The Icon Hotel’s accolades as a testimony of the excellent experience it delivers.

You can express your appreciation to the hotel staff upon checking out by pasting a little colored sticker under their photos. And we gave our vote to Ms. Viola Chen 🙂

This is a boutique hotel with many themes. Have fun stamping their chops with cartoon pictures onto your hands!

At the other end of the hotel lobby is a reading corner where guests can pick up a book or magazine and chill out here.

The Icon Hotel also offers bicycle rental to the guests.

For the locals who are looking for staycation at The Icon Hotel, there is a carpark right beside the hotel for those who are driving.


Hey, we can’t wait anymore. Let’s go to explore our room now!

Big and Small M wanted to dash in but let’s take a picture first – Room 801.

The kids were wild at the sight of the room. It is really huge (35 sqm), spacious, clean and contemporary. 2 king sized beds were laid side by side of each other. There was so much space for us to move around. The hotel was equipped with free WIFI which was very strong (rated 5 out of 5) throughout our stay. You do not need password to connect.

What is the special feature of this room? Needless to say, it’s the slide! 🙂

We knew it would be difficult to stop Small M … looked at her self-entertaining on the slide.

She was simply unstoppable! Again and again, she slide and slide nonstop.

There are plenty of TV channels available. When there are Disney and Cartoon Network shows, you can be sure Big and Small M can snuggle inside the room for hours and refused to get out of bed.

The Icon Hotel adopted an interesting concept of open-space wardrobe to freed up more space in the room.

Wind down and brew a cup of coffee or tea. I love the hotel’s idea of imprinting its name in many parts of the hotel and room.

We were pleased that fridge was provided.

At the room door, there were these magnet labels for guests to stick as a form of communication to the housekeeping.


The bathroom sported a chic and cool design that creates a truly relaxing, peaceful place to soak after a day of shopping. Basic toiletries such as toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/soap, shaver, shower cap and comb were provided. The bathroom had windows which allowed natural light to enter and made the entire space looked brighter.

Big and Small M simply loved bathtub.


Breakfast was provided at the hotel. You will be pleased that the hotel also caters to the vegetarian. If you are one, you can indicate to the hotel staff during the check in.

The breakfast hours is between 7am to 10am. The moment we entered the Icon restaurant, we were like “WOW” at the sight of the artistic and creative decoration. You can see the hotel has put in a lot of effort to be creative in its design to captivate every guests to remember what The Icon Hotel is here for and what it has to offer.

Look at the way our breakfast was presented. You can see how much thoughts the hotel had put in to give us a pleasant breakfast experience.


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Viola Chen and all the staff of The Icon Hotel for making our experience in Kaohsiung so fulfilling. We were blessed beyond words by your excellent customer service staff, whimsical hotel room, and hotel’s close proximity to local eateries and attractions.

And, hey, we received a pleasant surprise upon checking out. A little gift and loving tots from the hotel. Although it was a short stay, we are sure that these sweet memories will etch in our minds. The pictures we took speak more than a thousand words of The Icon Hotel. You are simply The Icon of Kaohsiung City.

For booking of The Icon Hotel, click here.

To check out the different theme rooms, click here.

Address: 328 Minsheng 1st Rd., Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Phone: +886-7-2818999

Website: http://www.iconhotel.com.tw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iconhotel

Email: info@iconhotel.com.tw

Disclosure: All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are ours, copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.


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9 thoughts on “The Icon of Kaohsiung City – The Icon Hotel”

  1. Wah! There’s a slide to the room and it’s really very cheap ah! We just returned from Taiwan =) But I couldn’t venture so far out to Kao Hsiung with two kids. hehe Next time!

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  2. I was about to say the room looks monochromatic and boring for kids until I saw the yellow *happy* slide! Whoa! I will have a hard time asking my boy to come out of the room if we stay there! Haha!
    Cherry (www.sweetmemoirs.com)

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  3. I’ve only been to Kaohsiung for national-commitment and it’s never struck me as a family place. After you review, and the price of the hotel (!!!) I’m very willing to consider.

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