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Parents World Junior Chef 2016 @ I12 Katong

Parents World Junior Chef 2016

Friends who know me well, knows that I will always try to ‘Spice Up” my girls’ school holidays.. To kick start the March holidays we went for Breakfast Bonanza, playdate with friends at Kids Fiesta 2016, movie cum dinner date ‘Zootopia’, be Mini bosses at Sentosa KidZ Flea and on the very last day of holiday (Sunday, 20 Mar) we end it off with a Blast at Parents World Junior Chef 2016. WOOHOO..

We were introduced to this cooking competition show from Australia by the name of “Junior MasterChef”. The first time we caught it on TV, we were glued to it. So it went on for several weeks in which our family would faithfully wait for the next episode to watch.

The sisters have been dreaming all this while and mummy decided to sign them up for Parents World Junior Chef 2016 dessert making competition organized by Parents World at I12 Katong Mall. We were on tenterhooks as we cracked our brains on what to present in the competition. Something they have to do PURELY themselves, no mummy’s help.

Photo Credit: Junior MasterChef

The children contestants really bring cooking to a whole new level. They wow-ed the judges with high level of cooking skills and many aspiring young chefs were inspired by them. By the way, this is Sarah – Mindy’s favourite Junior Master Chef πŸ™‚

Photo Credit: Junior MasterChef

And now, this is ‘Singapore’ version of Junior MasterChef? Well, kind of.. πŸ™‚

So how could the sisters missed it? Mummy grabbed the opportunity of the one week holidays to sharpen their culinary skills, from discussing + searching on the net for ideas, drafting out their own recipes, buying ingredients, ‘modify’ the dessert (not to difficult for them to handle and of cos not too simple as it’s a COMPETITION), practicing at home..

Getting ReAdY…

And of cos, this is not a competition between these 2 sisters. They were here for the Fun of it. Enjoying the process is much more important than results right? Here’s Mindy, the youngest in this competition, attempting to make ‘Fruity Layered Salad.’

Pounding her ingredients..

Mindy with gorgeous Ladybossjj, she is so motherly and encouraging.

Read her latest blog about being a wonder women in your own life, http://www.ladybossjj.com.

One of my favourite quotes from ladybossjj’s blog “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

We love all the judges, this lady in red is a celebrity chef.

Crowds gathered to see what she was preparing.

Fully focused to complete her dish.

Honestly, this was the first time both girls joined a dessert making competition. We were surprised they looked relaxed and calm, exhibiting no signs of nervousness πŸ™‚

ALL the judges adored Mindy and commented she was so cute and took lots pictures of her!

Adding the final touch to her dessert.

Isn’t it beauuuttiiifulll?

Mindy collected little cups throughout the week as she wanted to display ALL her 12 ingredients in her Fruity ‘Layer’ Salad. Outstanding Effort.

Yes I completed on time, I hope the judges will like MY DESSERT πŸ™‚

Macy preparing desserts she named as “Melon Salad in Lettuce Boat” and “Glutinous Rice Balls”.

Macy took hours of practice before coming to this competition.

She hoped she would do well.


Finally completed on time! πŸ™‚

This is certainly made with love and sincerity – Macy.

In addition, she wanted to promote healthy lifestyle as well!

Meet the Judges

This is the moment of truth. Presenting their desserts in front of the panel of judges. Apart from making the dessert, the contestants would need to explain why they decided on the particular dessert they chose.

All eyes on her, including the lens.

If you can dream it, you can do it! Go after your dreams!

All the best, Macy…

The future belongs to those who believe the beauty of their dreams.

The results would be announced later.

Now, it was Mindy’s turn to take picture with the host.

Every step is a step of faith. I believe I would do well, living out my dreams – Mindy πŸ™‚

An unforgettable childhood memory, worth much more than momentary rewards.

Butterflies in her stomach? Nope, she was calm and cool..

Oh my, truly touched by this picture, speak so much of their sisterhood.

Macy at the back cheering and encouraging her sister, Mindy. (Jie jie, never leave her eyes off her mei mei.)

It seemed Mindy was really well-liked by the judges.

Yes, she gathered a lot of attention! Looks like a celebrity πŸ™‚


All the contestants posing for a picture before the result announcement.

Mindy received a consolation prize for her beautifully designed fruity layered salad.

Macy was the first-runner up, clinching the 2nd prize.

Sisters with the fruits of their labor. This was a very meaningful experience for them. They learned they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. In spite of many ups and downs during preparation before the competition, they managed to pull it off with much composure and presented it to the best of their abilities. To cap off this March holidays, we exposed the sisters to fun, entertainment, education and socializing with the public to boost their confidence levels. Asked again if they enjoyed their holidays? The answer is a big YES!

Next holiday, they would whip out a storm with their prizes.

Not forgetting to take a picture with all the beautiful and gorgeous judges.

We would like to thank Parents World for organizing this dessert making competition and giving our little ones an opportunity to be a Junior Chef for a day!

Disclosure: All photos, information and opinions, unless otherwise stated, in this post belong to Katong Kids Inc. Reproducing or copying them for use on third party sites without our written permission are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Parents World Junior Chef 2016 @ I12 Katong”

  1. I’m always so impressed by the kids culinary skills on Junior Master Chef program and your girls did so well on their dessert dishes too. I’m sure they must be so proud of their efforts and what an experience it must have been.


  2. If I were the judge, I would give Mindy one of the top prizes! I loveeee her presentation, they look so well-thought out and lovely! And big congrats to Macy, who came in 2nd! Well done girls!!


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