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[KOPI SOCIETY] Modern-Concept Kopitiam by Day and a Chillax Drinking Hole by Night

Everybody has heard of the likes of those famous coffee chains such as Ya Kun, Killiney Kopitiam and etc which need no further introduction.

We passed by UE Square today and chanced upon a cafe called Kopi Society which adopted the same business concept. We were greeted by the affordable prices tag at the entrance of the cafe. Needless to say, we went in to patronize and was very impressed by this place!

Whether you are here for a decent meal, enjoy a toast or coffee, Kopi Society has it all!

Getting to know more about Kopi Society [Extracted from]: 

Once upon a time in sunny Singapore, the rich aroma of freshly grounded coffee powder wafted from the dry provisions corner of every wet market. It was so fragrant, you could almost taste the coffee in your mouth. If you know exactly what we mean and love that nostalgic heady aroma as much as we do, then make Kopi Society your next must-visit cafe!

A solid brew of good ol’ kopi is what you can expect to find at Kopi Society. Seriously, we just love our coffee so much we can’t stop drinking it ourselves – That explains why all Kopi Society staff are hyper and happy!

As true-blue Singaporeans, we love local cuisines but our rojak taste buds also appreciate the exciting flavours of the West. At Kopi Society, expect to satisfy your gluttony. If you enjoy savouring local favourites with a modern twist, then Kopi Society is (confirm and double confirm) your next makan venue.

Kopi Society is full of surprises! We are a modern-concept kopitiam by day and a chillax drinking hole by night. We know nothing eases a hard day at work like a mega mug of ice-cold beer – It is the epitome of shiok-ness, in our books. If you enjoy having a beer with colleagues after office hours in a friendly environment amidst good music, we are sure Kopi Society will become your next home-away-from-home.

You will also be glad to know that we have kept our prices low by doing away with service charge. It is our way of making sure that good food and great drinks remain affordable to all our customers.

This kopitiam does not give us a feel of “eat and go” but rather, you’re welcome to enjoy your cup of coffee while reading the magazine or playing board games.

A freshly brewed coffee that comes in chic presentation. Looks cool eh.

We ordered Steam Mini Pandan with Kaya Butter. From the way it was presented, I believe it will get you drooling!

Our little cravings were added with brown toast and kaya butter.

Small M was clamouring, “Can I eat now?” … 🙂

Here we go … eating and playing. Exams over!

This is my toast. Nobody can take it away from me!


UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Ave #01-22 S(239917)
Tel: 97901200

Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8am to 11pm
Friday: 8am – 12 midnight
Saturday: 8.30am – 12 midnight
Sunday: 8.30am -7pm

Getting Here:

By train:

Nearest MRT station is Clarke Quay, take bus 32, 54, 195 from the station (Bus stop no: 04211)

By bus:

Clemenceau Ave: 64, 123, 143
River Valley Road: 32, 54, 139, 195

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