A #shoutout to SOSD for their upcoming adoption drive on 1st November 2015.

It will be held at Cornerstone Cafe which is located at 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2 from 12pm to 3:30pm.

There’s so much beauty in street dogs. If you are looking to adopt one, come down and join us!


Autumn, 7 months old, female


Autumn started out as a puppy with ring worm (a fungal infection) hence, she did not have much exposure to other dogs or humans. The lack of exposure tended to get Autumn excited when she met new dogs or people. Fortunately, with the guidance of her foster sister, and fosterer, she is slowly learning to control her excitement when she sees dogs, humans, cats, birds and anything that moves. Having had a late start, she is still learning basic home rules, for example, what she can and cannot chew, and where she is allowed to roam. She’s grass-trained but accidents still happen at home if no one is home to bring her out to pee. She plays well with dogs and enjoys pats from humans, including strangers.

Potential adopters should note that Autumn will need consistency in reinforcement of good behaviour as she’s still a young dog. The adopter must be willing to put in hours to train her. This sweet dog deserves a home that is willing to journey with her to make her that great dog that she will grow to become.

She has also been sterilised.

Benji, 6 months old, male

Not HDB-Approved

Benji is paper-trained, and extremely food-motivated. When he was 6 weeks old, he amazed the volunteers with his long attention span! Among all his siblings, he was always the first to sit for treats, and calmly wait for his turn. He can wait for the longest time without being impatient and jumpy. As he is currently undergoing teething stage, he will need lots of supervision and chew toys. He enjoys the companionship of both dogs and humans, even kids! As such, he will do well in a family with kids and dogs!

Blaine, 6 months old, male


Blaine is intelligent, active and also very food-motivated. He’d also eat anything his fosterer puts in front of him! Present Blaine with a handful of treats, and you’ve got all you need to catch his attention!

Blaine also absolutely loves his walks, but may sometimes shy away from or avoid cars or strollers due to the sudden noises from them. This young one still has lots to explore in this world and is still building his confidence and developing his personality. Another dog companion would be a great buddy to help Blaine along with building his confidence, but (no worries!) we’re pretty sure a consistent and patient owner would do just as good too! Although Blaine may at first be shy around strangers, like many other shy pups, he will learn to warm up soon enough.

Ginger, Girl, 7 months old, female

HDB Approved

With her shy nature, ginger is initially cautious with humans. However, she warms up fast just within 24 hours, and she will be best friends with you. She gets along extremely well with other dogs. She is currently undergoing teething stage hence it is important to provide her with enough chew toys. She walks well on leash and loves playing tug of war and will catch any tennis ball thrown her way. She does get carsick at times.

MeiMei, 3 years old, female


Mei Mei is a very “manja” girl and is always happy to be around almost anyone in the house! She’ll greet you every morning when you wake and every evening when you come home with strong tail wags as she shakes her butt side to side. She is extremely friendly with humans and is also a quiet girl who doesn’t bark much. Being food motivated, she learnt tricks such as “sit”, “up”, “down”, “paw” and “bang bang” in a short period of two weeks! She also patiently waits for her food and is always very willing to exchange little tricks for her meals! Mei Mei is outdoor-trained and will need to take at least two walks daily to pee and poo. She walks on the leash well and is definitely enjoyable to walk her. She can now comfortably complete 3km walks and is definitely a very good (slow) jogging partner! After walks, she’d automatically sit near the door waiting for her fosterer to clean her paws.
However, Mei Mei has a slight anxiety issue. When she first came, she would bark and whine, tear up newspapers and scavenge through bins when left at home alone. After two months of training, she seem to have understood the idea of being alone and has shown significant signs of improvement.
The best part about Mei Mei is really, how she will love you as much as you love her. She is more than willing to spend the entire day sitting beside you, just coming into your palms asking for pats and waiting on the other side of your door welcoming you. She is a ball of positivity and joy any family can have.

Talia, 4 months old, female

ADORE: Unsure

Many pups at Talia’s age find themselves in lots of trouble around the house but not this little one! This sweetheart is friendly with humans, kids, dogs and cats alike, and has not destroyed any furniture around the house (most puppy parents understand the pain of this)! She definitely isn’t a picky eater either and will chomp down just about anything you give her! Talia’s a quiet one too; she doesn’t bark much, and whines only minimally.

Still young and learning, Talia’s still adapting to walking on leash. She is toilet-trained but still makes mistakes occasionally.

Tako, 4 months, Male


Tako is the sweetest boy in his litter! He enjoys cuddles and loves to interact with humans. Tako will suit first time owners or families with young kids. If you are looking for a affectionate dog, Tako may be the right one for you!

Tyler, 4 months, Male


Though Tyler is the runt in his litter, he has the most active and outgoing personality! He loves going up to people and dogs for cuddles and plays! With his energy level, he will suit an active family who can engage Tyler in activities and exercises. A firm hand is required as well, to discipline him.

Est DOB: 15th June 15
HDB Approved

She can walk fairly well on the leash, is grass-trained (save for some accidents because she is only a puppy but she stays dry in her cage all night), learnt to sit and learnt to wait for her food (brown rice boiled with chicken and carrots). Her days are spent napping in her cage, particularly after the morning and evening walks (3 to 4 km). Melody is very treat-motivated and picks up new commands quickly.

Happy, 7 months old, male

Not HDB-Approved

Milo, 7 months old, male


Macho, Male
Est DOB: 15th June 15

Macho is exactly what his name says! Being the biggest and the only boy in the litter, Macho is the alpha and tends to dominate his fellow sisters, Melody and Macha. A very vocal and expressive boy who needs a firm family who can discipline him. Despite that, active Macho gets along well with humans and most dogs!

Cole, 6 months old, male


Emi, 1 year old, female

Not HDB-Approved

Emi has a very lovable character. When she meets new people or dogs, she doesn’t jump or pull towards them. She walks well on the leash, and she is relatively calm and gentle. At the first meeting, she may appear rather shy, but she will still allow us pat her smile emoticon All in all, she is good-natured, cheerful, and a sweet girl. Emi is outdoor-trained.

Cody, 1 year old, male

Not HDB-Approved

 Happening THIS Sunday-
1 Nov, 12 noon to 3:30 pm.
The Cornerstone, 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
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