The Food Bank Juniors Club

The Food Bank Juniors Club

Ever heard of The Food Bank Singapore?

Established in 2012, The Food Bank Singapore is Singapore’s first food bank and aims to be the prevailing centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations in Singapore. Its mission is to bridge potential donors and members (beneficiaries). It complements charities’ food donation efforts by helping them to obtain better access to excess food. The food bank is also looking at finding creative and alternative ways to maximise use of excess food. Besides collecting, storing and distributing donated food, The Food Bank Singapore aspires to be the voice of food resource planning and management, and spread the word on its importance to ensure long term providence of food for everyone.

Even in the midst of our rising affluence society, there are many middle to low income families that have fallen through the cracks. They have problems putting food on the table due to financial difficulties.The existence of Food Bank Singapore seeks to plug the gap in this area.

I want to make a special mention of The Food Bank Juniors Club which may be of interest to parents. As school holidays are in sight, it is timely to allocate some quality time for social causes.

The Food Bank Juniors Club is aimed at encouraging volunteerism from young and raising the awareness of food wastage in Singapore.

Junior Foodbankers (ages 5 to 12) will get the opportunity to volunteer at the warehouse, host food drives, help out with creation of appreciation cards, go on excursions to local farms and food production/wastage facilities, and be an ambassador of food wastage and hunger issues in Singapore.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. This is a good opportunity to let the young be educated and be a blessing to others.

Whether it is individual, group or school volunteerism program, The Food Bank Singapore welcomes all!

Come and join The Food Bank Juniors Club today.

Membership is free. To sign up, send an email to

 “I learned to Give not because I have many, but because I know exactly how it Feels to have Nothing”

[Images Credit – Food Bank Singapore Ltd]

Juniors Club

The Food Bank Singapore Ltd:
39 Keppel Road #01-02/04,
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065

Email :
Contact : +65 6831 5395

Catch this video to learn more about Food Bank Singapore volunteerism:

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