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12 Shopping Centres that Shape Katong

Di-Tanjong Katong (ayer-nya biru)

I’m sure the lyrics of this local song will resonate in our hearts. Easy to sing, easy to remember. Those living in the east, especially the Singapore pioneers, have fond memories of the Katong of Old. Katong is situated in the east of Singapore near the seafront. Formerly located by the sea, land was reclaimed all the way to East Coast Park to provide more land for housing and recreational purposes due to shortage of land in the late 1960s after Singapore gained independence.

As of today, more than 20% of the total population in Marine Parade is above the age of 65. One might think that this district is dated and forgotten. You may be surprised to discover that Katong has continued to develop and blossom over the years to attract residents of all ages. It is not uncommon to sight foreigners in this area as well. They love this place to bits.

Me too.

I become a tourist for 2 consecutive days to collect pictures of the main shopping centres that one can explore in Katong under the hot weather to capture the best for my readers. Here is a guide to The 12 Shopping Centres that shape Katong.


Opened on March 9, 1984, Parkway Parade is one of the largest suburban shopping centre in Singapore. It has a 17-floor office tower and a seven-storey shopping mall with a basement. This shopping centre attracts large crowd at any time of the day. Whether you are doing grocery shopping, dining, buying clothes or others, there is always something for everyone.

Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269
Tel: +65 6344 1242
Mon to Sun: 10:30am – 9:30pm

#2  I12 KATONG

I12 Katong, formerly Katong Mall, is a 7 storey shopping mall in the east of Singapore located at the intersection of East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road. The mall opened on 18 November 2011. The main tenants in this mall consists of hair salons, restaurants, cafes, GV Cinemas and others.

112 East Coast Road, 428802
Tel: +65 6636 2112
Mon to Sun: 11:00am – 10:00pm


Katong Shopping Centre is a shopping mall located along Mountbatten Road in Singapore. Established in 1971 and opened to the public in 1973, it is the first air-conditioned mall in Singapore. There were efforts to en bloc Katong Shopping Centre previously. This shopping centre is immensely popular due to the availability of many maid agencies. While one do not expect to find any hip or rad cafes here, there are still great eateries. One of the highlights is the Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice stall located at the basement foodcourt.

865 Mountbatten Road, 437844
Tel: +65 6345 0322


Some called The Odeon Katong as a shopping centre. Take a walk inside the building and you may be a tad disappointed that there are not many stores to shop around. In fact, majority of The Odeon Katong building is occupied by Cornerstone Community Church. Come the weekend, this building will be bustling with church-goers. You can find some eateries here as well.

15 East Coast Rd, 428742
Tel: +65 9007 4274



Roxy square is a freehold mixed development with apartment residential units and a shopping centre with commercial units below. Roxy Square is divided into I and II. This is a popular place for tuition centres, hair salons, pubs and car leasing companies.

50 East Coast Road S 428769
Tel: +65 6589 8494


Katong Plaza is located next to Roxy Square. This mall is relatively quiet. The main tenants are tuition centres, hair salons, fortune tellers, retail shops selling bags or accessories. I blogged on a nice eatery called KL Shao Roast. Check it out!

1 Brooke Rd, Katong Plaza, 429979


Formerly Paramount Shopping Centre, it has been revamped into what it is known as Katong V. Katong V is located together with Village Hotel Katong. You can do your grocery shopping at the NTUC, dining and cafe-hopping here. It appeals to the kids as well. Tuition centres are conveniently located here.

30 East Coast Road Singapore 428751
Tel: +65 6593 3249


Little is known about how Katong Point will turn out to be. This newly revamped mall is located at Joo Chiat road, just besides the famous Sin Heng Claypot Bak Koot Teh. I was pleasantly surprised the renovation works have almost completed. Definitely looking forward to great offerings in store over here.


Do you still remember the famous Red House Bakery? The Former Katong Bakery & Confectionary, tenderly known as the Red House Bakery, was famous for its Swiss rolls and curry puffs. Construction is underway for private housing and shophouses. The Red House is not a shopping mall but I decided to include it here due to its rich Peranankan appeal.


Formerly known as GRTH Building, The Flow is a new commercial project located along the bustling streets of East Coast Road. It is opposite The Red House. Construction is underway and we can expect to see restaurants, clinics, foodcourt and exciting retail shops.

66 East Coast Road Singapore 428778


Katong Square will be located on the former premises of Katong Village (next to I12 Katong Mall). Eateries and cafes will come galore when the new Katong Square opens early 2016. There’s another piece of good news. There will also be two hotels above the eateries and cafes. InterContinental Hotels Group will open a 451-room Holiday Inn Express – its third low-frill hotel here under that name. There will also be a 131-room Hotel Indigo, the first local boutique hotel for the global brand.

86 East Coast Road, Singapore 428788


The old Republic Cinema was demolished early this year. While construction works have yet to commence, it was heard that this piece of land will be converted into a brand new shopping mall with underground parking lots.

The presence of so many shopping malls in the district of Katong speaks volume of the vibrancy of this neighbourhood. Honestly, I can’t think of any places in Singapore that have so many shopping malls within walking distance from each other.

Come and experience what Ms. Katong has to offer today!

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9 thoughts on “12 Shopping Centres that Shape Katong”

  1. Katong Kids blogging about Katong SC, so apt 🙂
    I only know City Plaza (Arnold Chicken, is this Katong?), and the Laksa.

    Always so difficult to find carpark space in Katong.

    cheers, Andy

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  2. Thanks for sharing. My Hubby is a Katong kid, used to study at Chung Cheng Main and always hang out at the LAN shops at Katong SC after school Hahahaha!
    Everytime we drive past Katong area he sure got lots of history stories to tell me, and also he enjoys driving past his alma matter to share with me about his school.
    Makes me appreciate this Peranakan landmark as my hubby also peranakan 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!
    Veron Zhen

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  3. Katong feels very far for me. And probably so, cos I have only been to Parkway Parade! Now I know that there are so many!

    Mary @ Simply Lambchops


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