Cosmo Air Purifier Review – Air Purification Reimagined

Air Purifiers help to rid the air in our homes and offices of every pollutants, airborne allergens, dust and toxins. Especially for people with asthmatic or lung conditions, keeping the room allergen and smoke-free is certainly a life-saver. If clean homes means happy homes, then a sleek air purifier can turn any living space into a blissful oasis.

We were introduced to Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter recently and it did not take us long to know why it is Singapore’s best-reviewed and best selling air purifier – for good reasons:


1. Filters 99.97% of all airborne particles

Cosmo’s Prime® Air Purifier uses trademarked technology and smart design to provide a long-lasting, silent and powerful air purifier. Equipped with a revolutionary 3-in-1 HEPA Filter, this innovation have proven to filter up to 99.97% of all air pollutants like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke and more.


2. Noise level = soft whisper (20dB)

A sound sleep is oxygen to your soul. Equipped with the SilentMotor-VX™ at only 20 decibels, the Cosmo Air Purifier is certainly a little quiet soldier! Working so hard, but yet without any ‘grumbles’.

3. Coverage Area: Up to 80m²

To choose the right size air purifier for our needs, we need to consider the size of the room that we want to place. Equipped with 360-degree air purifying abilities for efficient and maximum airflow, Cosmo Prime’s can cover up to an area of 80m², easily sufficient for an average household’s living room, kitchen and bedroom.

4. Contemporary, sleek and stylish

Measuring at just 49.7cm (H), 27cm (W) and 30.3cm (L), the first impression of Cosmo Prime comes as sleek and stylish.


Adding on, the portable design feature makes it easier to move it around the house.


5. Real-time usage monitoring

You can download a free mobile application to control Cosmo Prime remotely, at the touch of your fingertips. With an in-built feature to monitor air quality, you can get a sense of the air quality at home.


Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier is currently retailing at a promotional price of $399, which is a discount from its original price of $538. But again, $399 is a small price to pay (without breaking the bank) if we are able to maintain the house with clean air. Each purchase comes with free same-day delivery, 20 day free trial (full refunds with no questions asked) and 5 years’ warranty.

Showroom Address:
Mactech Building
2 Kallang Pudding Road
#02-04 S349307

Showroom Opening Hours:
Monday to Sundays 11am – 5pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Calls: +65 6977 9637

Email: enquiry@airpurifiers.sg

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