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Finland Travelogue – (Part 4): Ice Fishing with Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park in Lapland

Fishing takes place all year round, even in winter. Ice fishing is actually a lot of fun, because we can move freely on the surface of rivers and lakes when they are frozen.

After the exhilarating reindeer and husky sleigh rides, our guide brought us to experience ice fishing.


We were pretty relaxed and did not hold much hope in catching any fish. Just for the experience of walking in a frozen lake and trying our hands in ice fishing for the first time.



The lake was covered with really thick snow. Our boots almost sank into the snow while walking which gave us discomfort of having ‘ice’ inside our boots and wetting the socks.



But we had our fun playing with the snow, which was pure white and soft!

To fish successfully, our guide used an ice drill with sharp blades to make a hole in the ice.



Our guide was experienced. Though it looked difficult to us, he made the drilling process looked so simple.


It just less than 3 minutes, water splashed out of the hole!



Attaching the bait on our mini-rod, we tried our hand at ice fishing for the first time. We did not bare too much hope as timing is important to increase your chances to catch fishes. It was nearing to evening time. The best timing for fishing is usually early in the morning when the fishes are active, alert and hungry.



The water surface started to freeze after a while.

We had no idea why it was so much colder over here at the frozen lake. Big and Small M dropped the fishing rod and took refuge at our van. The last thing we wanted was for them to experience any frostbite 😦



A point to note when visiting Lapland during the winter, do not try to save and buy cheap winter clothings. Visitors are often up against the harshest weather conditions in the Arctic Circle. So, do your research and get quality winter clothings at reasonable prices.

We completed the ice fishing and our guide brought us to the log cottage to warm ourselves up and also…

Smoked some delicious hotdogs for us!




Up next, we will be experiencing more Christmas magic at the SantaPark – Santa’s own Home Cavern that is located just underneath the Arctic Circle. The jolly and cheerful elves guide you through a fun day with our whole family!


Read our adventures in Stockholm and Iceland before hitting Finland!

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park Oy is located in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle in Finland.

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park
Santa Claus Village
Joulumaantie 5
96930 Arctic Circle

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