Travel to Taipei Main Station by Taoyuan Airport MRT!

Planning a getaway trip to Taipei has never been easier! After 11 years of construction, Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport MRT will officially open to the public on 2 March 2017. Travellers can look forward to see their travelling time to Taipei City in just 35 minutes.


What You Need to Know

Photo Credit: Taoyuan Metro

Opening Hours (not 24/7)

From now till March 1: 8am to 4pm

From Mar 2: 6am to 11pm

What you get on board

– Free Wi-Fi

– Free wireless charging services



How Much it Cost?

– From now till March 1: Free but commuters must queue for numbered tags handed out at 7:40am, 9:40am, 11:40am, 1:40pm

– From March 2 till April 1: 50% off on all trips

– From April: 40% off on all trips if commuters buy a 3-month pass

單程票售票機 售卡加值機

The direct train ride to Taipei Main Station on the Taoyuan Airport MRT costs NT$160 (S$7.40).  Alternative transport is still available but prepared to pay at least NT$1,000 if you intend to travel by cab or longer travelling time if you go by coach. For more information on Taoyuan Metro, click here.

Photo Credit: Metro Taoyuan

With the opening of Taoyuan Airport MRT, that gives you another reason to visit beautiful land of Taiwan!


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