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The Young Scientists Magazine: Mini-Scientists in the Making {Giveaway for 4 with Delivery Included!}

Do you like the idea of reading a science magazine that has colorful pictures, educational contents that appeals to all and sparks your innate curiosity? I’m sure every parent would want to get hold of a copy.

The Young Scientists

If Science is not one of your kiddos’ favorite topics, I’m sure their opinion would change. The Young Scientists is a magazine that aimed to capture children’s imagination and instill a real passion for science. It’s a plus to know The Young Scientists is based on the latest Singapore MOE Primary Science Syllabus and complemented with PSLE format questions 🙂

Big and Small M were introduced to The Young Scientists last year and as parents, we noticed a notable change in their knowledge of wider surroundings. With the gain of general knowledge, they are able to identify of what and how of the happenings around them. They, too, are enthusiastic and drawn to the magazine’s contents. So to say, The Young Scientists magazines have become their “bedtime stories” for a long while. The spark of laughter and questions asking on the various topics in the magazine would pierced the otherwise, quiet bedroom every night.

A Science Magazine for All

Hey, we’re all born with an innate curiosity. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to tap into it. Not every child reads at the same level, and that’s okay. The Young Scientists offer different versions of Science magazines for your kiddos.

The recommendations in general are: Level 1 = Introduction to Science for Pri1 to Pri2 | Level 2 = Lower Block Science for Pri3 to Pri4 | Level 3 = Upper Block Science for Pri5 to Pri6 | Level 4 = Lower Sec Science (EA/NA) for students graduating Pri6 to Sec2.

The Young Scientists Level 3 explores further the intricacy and mysteries of Science with fascinating articles, challenging questions to enhance development of Science concepts, meaningful experiments to build confidence and interesting Science stories in comic format. Contents are designed in compliance with the upper block themes of the latest Primary Science Syllabus, viz. Cycles, Systems, Energy and Interactions.

2015 Young Scientists Collection Set (Level 3)

The Young Scientists Level 4 is specially designed and written for upper primary pupils and lower secondary students. The topics of the magazine aim to expose readers to more in-depth understanding of the themes of Diversity, Models, Systems and Interactions while maintaining the fun and exciting comic style which is the trademark of The Young Scientists magazine.

2015 Young Scientists Collection Set (Level 4)

There are 10 magazines in each pack. Each magazine comes with a set of questions as well for you to practice after reading.

Mini-Scientists in the Making

Children make excellent scientists – they’re curious, eager to learn and have open minds. With The Young Scientists magazine, just watch how your child cultivate a greater love and interest for Science!

What are you waiting for? Get a copy of The Young Scientists magazine for your child now!

To enquire from Young Scientists Reader, click here.

Young Scientists Reader
21, Bukit Batok Crescent
WCEGA Tower, #21-72
Singapore 658065

Direct: +65 6570 6811
Fax: +65 6570 3397


Special thanks to The Young Scientists, they are giving 4 winners, each with 1 set of 2015 Young Scientists magazines including free delivery:

Congratulations to our 4 winners:

Karen Low | Theresa Tay | Michael Hong | Carolyn Lim

All you need to do is:

  1. Like The Young Scientists Facebook Fan Page
  2. Like Katong Kids Inc Facebook Fan Page
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  4. Share this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook to as many friends!
  5. We will be strict and disqualify ALL fake social media accounts (eg. Facebook/Instagram accounts with fake profile pictures or very few real real friends and set up purely to take part in contests)

Terms & Conditions:
1. The winner must be agreeable for his/her contact details to be provided to Katong Kids Inc & The Young Scientists.
2. Judges’ decision is final. Closing date: 17 June 2016.



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