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KFC Again – My Experience with This Staff at KFC Outlet

You must have read the recent news on KFC after staff accidentally locked 5 customers inside outlet, causing a bad dining experience for the diners at Novena Square. We had another “experience” today while dining at Parkway Parade outlet.

I had a craving for KFC meal and made an impromptu trip to the outlet at Parkway Parade and queued up for a 2 piece meal. There was a queue and two staff were serving the customers.

One of the queue cleared and a male staff by the name of Reiner invited me over to take my order. I didn’t think much of it and made my order. While tending to me, Reiner kept addressing me as “lao ban” or “老板” in Chinese. I was just an ordinary customer, no difference from the rest and was  obviously surprised by his gesture. I observed him and he delivered more than what any customer would expect within the space of 3 mins:

  1. Addressed me as “lao ban” or “老板” throughout the order (I don’t think I deserve it)
  2. I requested for chilli sauce and he provided me with chilli and tomato sauce (in case I need it)
  3. Reiner handed me a leaflet of KFC coupons for me to use in future orders (saving my pocket)
  4. Greeted me to enjoy my meal and have a nice day before I left (makes my day)
Reiner in red uniform with his Assistant Manager, Eden, definitely WOW our day!

You think that’s all, folks.

We left the outlet satisfied by his exemplary customer service. Just when we were getting ready to eat, I noticed a pink post-in note on our KFC meal box.

“Thanks you for choosing KFC as your meal. Hope I have WOW your day!” From Reiner (KFC PWP) 🙂

OMG, it’s not easy to find a customer service staff who is just earning a simple living to exhibit such enthusiasm and positiveness in his job. He takes so much pride in being a KFC staff! We are so blessed to be served by him.

A lesson learned today – take pride in whatever we are tasked to do. Our little actions can go a long way to make someone’s day. Thank you Reiner!

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