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10D9N Taiwan Travelogue – (Part 5): Day 5 @ 清境農場 Cingjing, 小瑞士花園 Swiss Garden

Rise and shine. Early in the morning we packed our belongings and all ready to leave Taipei for Tai Chung. For this trip, we decided to visit 清境農場 Cinging. The journey is going to take more than 5 hours on the road.

A Long Journey

We booked a mini bus to bring us to Cinging as we had many luggages to load. Along the way, there were no lack of beautiful sceneries.

Taiwan is soooo beautiful!

Chingjing New Paradise Bed and Breakfast

Located in Cingjing, Chingjing New Paradise Bed and Breakfast is a perfect starting point from which to explore Nantou. Every room has wifi but it is not that strong. It is the cheapest minsu we can find by far so we have to manage our expectations.

I guess everyone who come to Cingjing is to stay in minsu.

The view from our minsu. It’s high up the mountains and it’s going to get very cold at night.

Chingjing New Paradise Bed & Breakfast
Address: No.9-5, Bowang Ln., Ren?ai Township
Nantou, 54641

Phone Number: +886492801260


The Small Swiss Garden is also known as “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”. The Qingjing cloudy mists at dawn is like a perfect painting; looking at it from a distance, it is as if the clouds and mists were floating, slowly coming closer, becoming one with the clouds on top of the distant mountains. So we are here for lunch.

Enter and there is a food court.

We tried their local dishes.


Chicken chop rice.

Look at the panoramic view of Cingjing.

Sheep and sheep everywhere. Symbols of Cingjing.

小瑞士花園 Swiss Garden

Just next to the 7-Eleven is the Small Swiss Garden. Actually this is the more prominent attraction to visit. We were not “wow” by it but anyway, it seems this is the only place to go here.

Live band to keep you entertained.

Enter the Swiss Garden and enjoy the garden layout. We took many pictures but don’t really enjoy this place. Sand flies could be seen at some spots and they were irritating.

We fed the ducks.

A cafe here to get your cup of coffee.

Address: No.170 Renhe Road, Datong Village, Ren_ai Town, Nantou, Taiwan

Let’s play UNO before we sleep.

We will be visiting Cinging Farm tomorrow so stay tune for the next blog 🙂

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14 thoughts on “10D9N Taiwan Travelogue – (Part 5): Day 5 @ 清境農場 Cingjing, 小瑞士花園 Swiss Garden”

      1. It cost about NTD $4,500 to $4,800 for a day. We booked a taxi (Toyota Wish) in Kaohsiung and we have 6 adults + 4 kids cramping inside like sardines lol. The driver was kind enough to accommodate us.


  1. Wow. There’s a lot of you. We’re traveling to Taiwan on November so I’m doing our itinerary and I realized we really have to rent a car/taxi around taichung area. Do you think we’ll find a cheaper deal since there’s just 3 of us?


  2. Hi, can you please share the contact for the mini bus please? We have 4 adults and 6 kids going end of this year. Thanks! 😉


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