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PawFestSG: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless (ITE College Central’s Higher Nitec FYP in Event Management)

Katong Kids Inc have a close affinity to furkids. We love to blog and share about dogs. To many, they may look the same by their colours and breeds but take a closer look, these furkids do have a life larger than themselves. Each of them carries a different, unique and lovable personality that they are yearning to show to their human friends.

After blogging for nearly a year, we realize the public do love to read about dogs. When we heard from Exclusively Mongrels on an adoption drive in East Coast Park, we went to check it out.

Adoption Drive: PawFestSG

A creative and nice advertisement done by the organizers. They have put in lots of thoughts to cater to public’s demand. As you can see, this event is not solely on dogs. There are cats, rabbits, educational talks and others as well.

Great Day, Great Event

We would like to thank organizers of PawFestSG for putting on a great event. I mentioned earlier they put in many thoughts to ensure this event will be successful. As you can see, a big tentage was set up in event of inclement weather. A shelter not just for humans, but for animals as set.

Many fun-filled activities to keep everyone entertained.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Not every attendees are potential dog adopters. Some of us came due to curiosity. As such, partnership with AVA to educate the public on responsible pet ownership is really helpful. An information booth was there to attend to public queries.

We agreed and are pleased that education should start from young. Getting to know more about pet-ownership by coloring and easy-to-read booklets make it even easier for Big and Small M to learn about animals.

Dogs Can Socialize

We know humans need to socialize. Hey, furkids need that too as well. Very much! Many dog-owners took the opportunity to bring their little furkids out for a walk to mingle with other dogs.

This Golden Retriever was a head-turner at this event.

PawFestSG was a resounding success. Look at the turnout!

Exclusively Mongrels | Animal Lovers League

So often, we hear of Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD). Do you know Exclusively Mongrels  and Animal Lovers League are another non-profit organizations that have been serving the strays and animals passionately day and night?

[Photo Credit: Animal Lovers League]


The volunteers are there to attend to enquiries from potential dog adopters. As we always say, adopt, don’t buy!

Will you give me a forever home?
Hello, I’m Freckles! I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been adopted!

Other Animals

Learn that rabbit is not a child’s toy. He is real, alive and it’s going to be 10-year commitment.
Love Kuching Project: Loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhood.

We had fun as well with free photo-taking session! An event for whole family to bond, to learn and be entertained.

An Excellent Project by Team PawFest!

Katong Kids Inc went behind the scene to catch up with the organizers. And surprise, surprise and surprise! The organizers are these young, energetic and bright students from ITE College Central! We were literally blown away by their spirit of excellence in making PawFestSG a resounding success.

Hey, we were grateful to do an interview with them:

Back Row: Rudy Khairani Bin Ariffin (20), Tan Jun Quan (20), Melvis Lim Kok Kee (20) Middle Row: Nurul Adlyna Bte Abu Bakar (20), Leonna Chua Yi Ting (20), Ooi Hui Ping Apple (20), Siti Nadhirah Bte Zainal Abidin (19) Front Row: Esther See Chu Yi (20), Nurul Huda Bte Mahadir (20)


1) First of all, let’s introduce yourself?

The 9 of us are final year students from ITE College Central’s Higher Nitec in Event Management course, (Group Name: PawFestSG). 

As part of our final year project, we needed to conceptualize, coordinate and complete an event centered on the general theme of “Reaching out & Giving back” to special interests groups and organizations. Among other stipulated requirements and guidelines, all funding for this event are to be sourced by ourselves and any surplus will have to go entirely to pre-identified.

2) How did this idea of PawFestSG come about?
During our FYP’s brainstorming and pitching phase, we felt that many of our peers would tend to focus on charity, old folks, underprivileged kids etc. We want to do something different, and as we are aware that the number of pets being abandoned are increasing and felt that this area not be neglected as well, as such we decided to target pet shelters and animals welfare groups as our special interests groups. We want to enable a platform to voice out for the voiceless, drawing attention to these pets who can’t speak our human languages to be recognized and appreciated and to showcase their capabilities amidst a fun and memorable experience for all participants. 

3) Being a pet event, are you a pet-lover? a) If yes, which animals you like or currently keeping? b) If no, why not?
Yes we all love specific animals. Apple has a dog and Rudy has a cat, and some of us have pets at home. Interestingly, Esther has a minor fear of cats, and of course Nurul, Huda, Rudy, Nadirah understandably have to avoid dogs.

4) What are some of the challenges you faced when organizing this event?

Some challenges we faced are:  

  • Planning of the programme for pets, as we have to consider the safety of the animals and also their capabilities. 
  • Choosing for right venue 
  • Resource developments such as funding and sponsors
  • Time constraint 

5) How long did you take to prepare for this event?

We took 3 months in total to conceptualise, coordinate and complete this event. 

6) What have you learnt and hope to improve on after this event?

Things we felt that could be improved on includes

  • Making our programme more interesting and engaging 
  • Handling of manpower; more efficient and empowering
  • Proper signages and directions onsite to guide visitors and participantsr
  • Launching of the Marketing & Promotion plan with a minimal of 4 weeks prior to event.

7) It was a successful PawFestSG! What do you think you have achieved from this event?

Some achievements we felt we have achieved: 

  • Satisfaction, our handwork paid off on a positive note
  • Our goals and objectives that we set
  • Turnout was unexpectedly overwhelming, especially given our very very short marketing and promotion period. 
  • Lasting friendship and bond among the core members of the team. We worked hard and laughed hard together.

8) We are interested to know will there be another PawFestSG event in the future and where/where will it be?

There are no plans for another PawFestSG in the near future. But we would love to make it happen again. 

9) You are young, bold and an inspiration to the youths. Coming together to organize this event is no mean feat. What are some advises / quotes you would encourage the youth?
Things that we have learnt: 

  • Teamwork is important 
  • Unity is strength 
  • Pre-event planning is important 
  • We learnt a lot on how to interact with animals 
  • We have to think quick on feet when unexpected problems arises

Some advises/quotes we would love to share are:  

  • Believe in yourself and your group 
  • Priority trumps excuses
  • Challenges are inevitable. Don’t give up in what you want to achieve at the end of the day. 
  • If you fail to plan, you really are planning to fail.
  • Tough times don’t last, tough people do. 

10) As you are in the final year of your studies (to confirm), what are your plans after graduation?

Yes, we are all final years student graduating in 2 weeks‘ time. Our plans after graduation, pending our final results is to either pursue further education in polytechnics, or enter into some sort of employment or for the guys, enlist to do their national service.

All thanks to ITE College Central’s Higher Nitec, these 9 students are just part of the many many more talents produced by the Institute. So, event management companies, watch out for these 9 new kids on the block. Next time you need someone to do the job right for you, you know who to look for! 🙂

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Disclosure: All photos, information and opinions, unless otherwise stated, in this post belong to Katong Kids Inc. Reproducing or copying them for use on third party sites without our written permission are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “PawFestSG: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless (ITE College Central’s Higher Nitec FYP in Event Management)”

  1. Fantastic initiative! I’m not sure if we will ever own a pet because I believe in responsibility! It is however, a responsibility too big if it isn’t a family effort. Let’s see how it goes when the children are older =) We will definitely not get a pet if the children aren’t going to be part of the caring process.


  2. This event is so good to attend! All the furkids look excited too. It is a noble cause that reminds us to take care of our pets and adopt them whenever possible.


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