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Aquarius Cove Indoor Playground @ SAFRA Carpenter Street Building

We were introduced to a newly opened ocean themed indoor playground called Aquarius Cove.


Aquarius Cove is located at SAFRA Carpenter Street Building at level 5. This building is located directly opposite Clark Quay Exit E & Clark Quay Central.

We were a tad surprised to realize that Aquarius Cove is actually part of the Qian Xi group which owns this entire building. Now, that finally explains why we need to pass through the Qian Xi restaurant in order to access Aquarius Cove at level 5.

This is the entrance of Aquarius Cove at level 5. There are enough pigeon holes for families to place their shoes.


This is an overview of how the interior looks like. It is relatively new and clean. Our very first impression upon entering the place was that it is more suitable for families with younger children due to the limited space and the play items are more suitable for the younger ones. While you don’t expect the kids to run about, there are definitely plenty to play on.

Let’s start our exploration with a ride in this boat.

Ocean themed displays everywhere.

This is an automated merry-go-round which occupied Big & Small M for quite a while. I guess Big M is growing up cos’ she didn’t seem to appreciate this merry-go-round. We know she prefers more challenging rides.

Slides with ball pit. Little ones would be intrigued by the slides and keep playing on it.

A rock-climbing wall was featured as well. It was fairly easy for Big & Small M to climb and reached the top. If your child is still a toddler, fret not. Even if he falls, the ball pit at the bottom was deep … rest assure there would be enough cushion to prevent any injuries.


We know parents want to bring their kids to a place where not only they can play, but available space for parents to sit and rest as well.

 There is a diaper-changing table and nursing area at a corner of Aquarius Cove.

How about going to the toilet? Aquarius Cove provides slippers for parents and kids to wear. However, the toilet is not located at the same level as the playground. In fact, you would need to go down one level via this spiral carpeted stairway to the restaurant toilet. That being said, it is advisable for parents to accompany their kids there for safety precaution to prevent them falling down.


Hey, do remember to bring along your socks. A look at the admission charges … if your child is 2.5 years and above, the charges per visit would be $18. It looks expensive to us considering the limited play area for kids to explore here. They do not allow re-entry. So if you are coming here, do come early to get the maximum mileage of playtime for the price you pay.


We would say this is an ideal place to throw birthday party for the kids or baby shower? While the kids are playing, adults can mingle among themselves. To find out Aquarius Cove’s different party packages, click here.

While Aquarius Cove may not get Big & Small M overly excited, there are definitely other factors listed above that can actually attract families to come here – birthday party, baby showers, private functions etc. So if you have families, friends or colleagues who are planning to such events for their little ones, do recommend them to check out Aquarius Cove.

29 Carpenter Street, Level 5,
Singapore 059923

(Located directly opp. Clarke Quay MRT
Exit E & Clarke Quay Central)

Tel: 6532 5550


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