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Amazing Car Makeover by EA Detailer!

Our Honda Civic has served the family well without any problems, honestly. As typical parents, we used our car regularly to ferry our kids, run errands, family outings and many more.

Speaking about kids. It’s inevitable for them (even adults) to snack inside the car during the journey. Most of the time, biscuit crumbs etc has unknowingly “littered” our car interiors. And lo and behold, such crumbs is going to invite unwanted pests like cockroaches, ants and bugs into our car.

I should be concerned about the cleaniness of my car and our health. Afterall, I’m using the car regularly. It’s important for my family to sit in a clean and fully sanitized car.

When EuroAuto Lounge EA Detailer invited me to try out their service, I took it up without hesitating. It’s high time for me to do something beneficial for my car and family! Continue reading “Amazing Car Makeover by EA Detailer!”