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SOSD Singapore: The Big Move, Every Street Dog Counts

SOSD, also known as Save Our Street Dogs, is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s many street dogs. In what started off as an informal group of stray feeders, it now has grown to a few hundred volunteers working in teams that take care of everything from kennels, transport, fundraising to social media. They work with the aim of improving the lives of stray dogs by going on dog rescue missions, taking strays or abandoned dogs to their shelter at Pasir Ris Farmway 2, and rehabilitating them with the goal of finding them a home.

Dr. Siew Tuck Wah. SOSD President | Photo Credit – SOSD

You can find out more on how to be a part of SOSD’s volunteers here.

Photo Credit: SOSD

A New Shelter, A Second Chance for the Dogs

Knowing what SOSD has been doing in the past, we felt it is equally important to raise public awareness of what SOSD will be doing in the near future. In the coming months, SOSD will be moving to their new shelter in Sungei Tengah.

There are many dog lovers out there who love to do something more for the street dogs. An online campaign to raise $50,000 for The Move to the new premises in Sungei Tengah is underway and all funds raised will be used to pay off transport, construction, and renovation costs. Moreover, it will also be used to keep SOSD’s operations going on a daily basis.

Caring and maintenance of the dogs are SOSD’s top priority. The funds raised are critical in helping the street dogs to get a second chance in their new home. A little donation may go an extra mile and any amount contributed is greatly appreciated.

More than just SOSD, we thought it is worthy to raise public awareness in doing our part to enhance the welfare and improve the lives of animals out there, every of them.



Online Fund Raising Campaign

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