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Family Bonding Time: SmartParents Presents Kids Fiesta 2016!

Happening today at The Float Marina Bay! A Fiesta created for Kids. Learn and play at Kids Fiesta events, never a dull moment in learning, Kids Fiesta is developed for children aged 4 and up.

Kids Fiesta by SmartParents

This is a fun guide to the event.

[Image Credit: Kids Fiesta | SmartParents]

Games & Stalls Galore

I think the best time to go is during the evening. We were there during the afternoon and the blazing sun and heat were really challenging. It would be good to hold Kids Fiesta 2017 in an indoor venue. Nonetheless we had our share of fun 🙂

We tried outdoor skating rink.

Love to take penalty kicks?

Mega bouncing castle for all kids!

Spartan Junior Race for kids.

Small M loves this a lot!

Big M too 🙂

Young Shrek Casting Call. You could be the next star.

Be a weather reporter for a day.

Thank you MediaCorp and SmartParents for organizing Kids Fiesta. We will see you again next year!

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