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Mural Art by Yip Yew Chong @ Everton Road

There’s no better ways to record stories from our pioneer generation than to put them into painting. What’s more we have lifelike murals.

Intrigued by a television program featuring Everton Road, Katong Kids Inc also went to explore.

40 Everton Road

Head down to 40 Everton Road. If you are driving, there is a multi-storey car park.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Many of us have been fascinated by the lifelike murals in Penang. Now, it’s good news to know we can have this at Everton Park as well. The lifelike images of Singapore’s past are the brainchild of Mr Yip Yew Chong, 46, who is a resident near Everton Road and walked along that same road every day for close to 20 years.

A boy reading his favorite 老夫子 Old Master Q comic. I used to be a fan of 老夫子 as well. It’s still fresh in my mind that I used to buy these comics from roadside newspaper stall.

The can of Milkmaid is hanging from the pipe.

We were very impressed at the sight. It looks so real and alive.

It would be a gem if we can still find such traditional cabinet and kitchen sets in Singapore.

Let me feed you…

How do our pioneers washed their kebayas and sarongs? Handwash using a metal tub.

A close-up look of an amah.

I belong to Generation Z 🙂

Best Kept Treasures

Everton Park is arguably one of the best kept treasures in Singapore. We turned to another corner and rows of shophouses greeted us.

How vintage and cool is that? I would love to stay in old shophouses.

Big and Small M weren’t really impressed … but not us 🙂

More Wall Murals

Oops, we thought our visit has come to an end. But not quite so. We were fortunate to chance upon another wall mural.

A traditional chinese provision shop and a street vendor during our younger days.

SG50 Wall Murals

The last part brings us closer to current times.

Are you busy, stress or leading a hectic life? Sometimes, we should take a step back and appreciate our surroundings. We will be surprised the heartlands can have so much more to offer. If you are feeling hungry, there are nice local cafes offering great food.

You must know more about Mr. Yip Yew Chong and his drawings, so click here.

Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 61, 120, 166, 167, 196 and 197
  Walking 2 mins from bus stop B10021
Nearest MRT station
Outram Park MRT (NE3/EW16)
  Walking 5 mins from Exit F to here

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7 thoughts on “Mural Art by Yip Yew Chong @ Everton Road”

  1. You actually got me feeling homesick looking at all those murals and street scenes. Thank you. Are you from Katong? I lived in the old Katong area for many years, was baptised at Holy Family & Sunday after mass cakes at Chin Mee Chin.


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