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Pororo Park Singapore Review

 We have always been looking forward to visit Pororo Park Singapore since its opening. With all our travelling and holiday activities, it was almost impossible. Well it’s better late than never! Finally, we had our chance to explore this edutainment indoor playground and you bet Big and Small M were clearly excited over it.


I have to say that as parents, we are picky over locations. To bring our kids along, it has to be convenient. Pororo Park Singapore definitely scores in this aspect. Located at Marina Square, there are no lack of transport options to reach here. To find your way to Pororo Park Singapore, click here.

Whilst the admission rate is not cheap, do you know that a 2 hours playtime is imposed on each entry? It’s advisable for at least 2 adults to accompany the kids along. One of them to monitor while they play while the other adult probably to queue up for any kids activities or programs that are available on that day. You wouldn’t want the 2 hours playtime to run out before you complete the activities.

But hey, there’s a chance to get one more hour of free playtime. The trick is to spend $15 on food and beverage.


One advantage of visiting this indoor playground is that you can actually shop for gifts and toys at the entrance. Yes, you do not need to purchase the admission pass to enter before you can shop. Right there at the entrance you are welcome to browse and choose the items that your little ones want to bring back home.


We were greeted by this map at the entrance.

Every kid’s temperature will be taken and have their hands sanitized.

If you are bringing your stroller, you can park it at the entrance.

Lockers are available as well.

Shoe racks too.

A plus to have free wifi as well!


Immerse yourself with fun at Pororo Link once you enter the place.

It may be a tad babyish for Big and Small M to play with small-sized rubber blocks so we didn’t spend much time here.


Join Pororo the Little Penguin and his beloved friends; Crong the Dinosaur, Eddy the Fox, Petty the Penguin, Loopy the Beaver and Poby the Polar Bear to a delightful exploration journey through the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest. If you come over the weekend, expect many many kids to swarm and queue up at Pororo Express. This is the only station that has an automated ride.

We were here on the weekday and happy we were. No need to queue up as they hopped onto the choo choo train. πŸ™‚


Kids being kids. They love balls and of course, throwing them! At the Shark Ball Pool, the ball pit was filled with plenty of blue and white balls. Yes, it’s deep. This provides enough cushion for toddlers to play, jump or fall and prevent any injuries.

A small slide is inside the pool as well.


Honey, you shrank my kid? The Pororo House is cute, mini and enclosed.

Everything inside is solid and hard. Kids love to sit and rest on the miniature bed, only to realize it’s not a soft mattress!

While the Pororo House may look cute from the outside and inside, it may not really strike a chord with the kids to spend a lot of time inside.

I guess 5 mins is good enough for a visual exploration here.


Big and Small M spent a lot of time here. Poby’s Play Gym is considerably spacious and the thing that enticed them was the slide.

Small M loved it!


This section is more suitable for toddlers.


Fancy singing along with Pororo and his pals at TongTong’s Little Theatre? Make sure you queue up.

The kids had the chance to get up close and personal with Eddy. They were also engaged in a time of game and dance.

And not forgetting to give Eddy a hug before he goes…


This is the feature of the month.

Right after that, we queued up immediately for a complimentary face/hand painting session.


Give your child a memorable birthday bash filled with fun and treats at Pororo Park Singapore! To know more about the package, click here.


Whether you are looking for a diaper changing station or washroom, you will be pleased to know every room is sparkly clean and dry.

I would give full marks for them.


Feeling hungry? Come over to Loopy’s Cafe and satisfy your little cravings.

Pororo Park Singapore is new, clean and spacious. Coupled with its centralized location, it’s going to be convenient for families with toddlers to explore.

Pororo Park Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard,

Marina Square #02-29

Tel:  +65 6250 9700


Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm
Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm
Opening on 11 November 2015 (From 2pm onwards)

Keep your eyes peeled, as we continue updating details of our blog@Katong Kids Inc Facebook page – expect more activities and giveaways coming your way! πŸ™‚


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