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Is It Worthwhile to Shop and Eat @ Bugis Street?

We visited Bugis Street and it made us feel that we were back in Pratunam Market again. Food, snacks and apparels … you name it, here have it. If you are visiting Singapore, Bugis Street is definitely a venue to go in your itinerary.


Who says you need to have an expensive meal to taste the best dishes in Singapore? Ask any locals and don’t be surprised they will recommend hawker food. Over here at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre (just behind Bugis Street), you will be spoiled for choices as stall owners whipped up their best dishes for you to enjoy.

Try the Kway chap. It is a traditional Teochew dish made of flat and broad rice sheets, boiled and doused in a gravy made with herbs and spices, served with braised meat, peanuts and various type of innards, hard-boiled eggs, beancurd, tau pok and preserved salted vegetables. (Price: SGD $4.50)

How about the Hokkien Prawn Mee? This is a flavourful noodle dish made with rich stock, prawns, squid, pork belly, and lard cubes. (Price: SGD $3)

Of course, how can we not include one of our favourite national dishes? Nasi Lemak – this is basically a plate of aromatic coconut rice topped with sweet and spicy sambal chilli, a juicy deep-fried chicken wing, an egg and crispy ikan bilis. (Price: SGD $2.50)


Take a walk into Bugis Street and explore the shops. Expect large crowds during the weekend. This is a place where youngsters and tourists love to visit.

Having little cravings? Grab a street snack and satisfy your hunger pangs.

This is known as “mee chiang kueh” in Hokkien or simply, peanut pancake. Cooked, roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar is sprinkled all over the pancake. It is then folded over to create a half-moon and then cut into smaller pieces. (Price: SGD $1)

Yup, we bought Kaya Balls. But alas, all 8 balls went into Little M’s stomach before we could even try one. 🙂

Rice dumplings or Bak Chang.

These need no further introduction. They are our local snacks we can commonly find in coffeeshops and hawker centres.


There are few hundred stalls in Bugis Street and it is quite easy to find something you like. I remembered we shopped at Pratunam Market when we were at Bangkok. The prices of apparels over there was about THB $150 to $250. We compared it to the prices at Bugis Street and concluded that the variance is not wide. So, you can actually shop for nice apparels without even going overseas and burning a hole in your pocket. Look at the pictures below and check out their price tags.

So, is it still worthwhile to visit Bugis Street? Why not! 🙂

Address: 3 New Bugis St, 188867

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