[Exclusively Mongrels Limited] Appeal for Help!

Exclusively Mongrels Limited is a non-profit organization set up for the welfare of mongrels in Singapore. It is founded in July 2012.

Like many of you, I am also an animal lover and would like to do a special shoutout for Exclusively Mongrels Limited to appeal to our public to contribute in your little ways by raising funds for them to tide through financially.

Yes, they need our help. Literally.

This is what was posted by Exclusively Mongrels Limited on 2 November 2015 in their Facebook.


And here we are again, the October vet bills are here and once again, we find ourselves having difficulty settling them. Even as we do not have any kennel, or fixed overheads, we find ourselves struggling with our monthly vet bills, month after month. It never ends, as long as we continue the work we do, we have to be prepared to spend thousands on the beloved Singapore Specials who rely so much on us to help them.

Just to put things into perspective, every dog that we bail out from the pound, our standard tests include erhlichia, heart worm, as well as the more comprehensive Babesia test whereby blood is drawn and sent to an external lab for testing. Throw in consult, medication, transport, follow-up and it all adds up. On average, we spend a good $500 on each dog that we take on. You don’t see us taking on so many cases because we simply cannot work beyond our means. We do not wish to be in debt because that will only snowball.

We are very focused in what we do, we only take on cases where we can manage, both financially and resource wise.

Please help us clear the Oct bill, which stands at SG$6,079.88. It may be a small figure compared to other bigger players, but to us, this is more than we can cope for now.

Any amount helps, and knowing that your donation will go towards helping the dogs recover and not rental of kennel or labour.

Help us help them, please. Our DBS current account is 015-903571-9.

Please send all enquiries to


Let us do our part. Regardless whether it is small or big, every effort is an equal sacrifice. It will go a long way to give every mongrel one more chance to live and being cared for.

Caring is sharing.

Contribute to Exclusively Mongrels Limited’s cause by sharing this blog post to as many friends and raise greater awareness.

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