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Perth Journal – Part 1 (Fremantle)

It’s time to blog about our travelogue.

Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest capital city with an average of eight hours sunshine a day. Our family visited Perth exactly two years ago and the experience was nothing short of exciting. Perth is special to me because I am a Curtin alumnus. The best part of it was the opportunity for the Khoo family to travel together. Yes, 10 of us. There were many beautiful memories of Perth that we still remember today.

I will blog about Perth in 3 parts according to their locations:

  • Fremantle
  • Margaret River
  • Perth City

Come the June holidays and we were whisked off to Perth. It was freezing cold (about 7 degrees) when we touched down. We collected our vehicle the moment we checked out of the customs. There were 10 of us and only Toyota Hiace could accommodate us. This was the first time I am driving such a big vehicle and I was feeling nervous initially when I started the engine. You do not need an International driving license to drive in Australia (but remember to bring your local driving license).


We drove about 30km from the airport and arrived at Fremantle. We booked a 2 day stay at Gallery Suites.


After settling down, we headed to Fremantle Mall. The kids were exhilarated at the sight of maple trees.




We stopped by a Lolly Shop. The kids went wild at the sight of candies.



Next, we stopped by at the Fremantle Bakehouse. This café was specially recommended by one of our friends. We sat by the roadside and tried their all day breakfast, famous fluffy pancakes, homemade chunky steak pies and sausages rolls. If you love bread and coffee, this would suit you well.


After we filled our empty stomachs, we headed down to the Fremantle Markets. The last time I been here was 13 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the markets remained the same. Over here, you will find street arts, buskers performing and sale of various accessories.



Inside the market, you can find competitively priced fresh produce by local farmers and growers. We couldn’t help and bought some fruits and doughnuts back to our apartment for supper.





Sunset comes early in Australia. We visited Fremantle Prison before we ended our day.

Fremantle Prison is the largest and most intact convict built prison in Australia and is Western Australia’s only World Heritage Listed Building. It was continuously used as a place of incarceration for almost 140 years. The prison was decommissioned as a maximum-security gaol in 1991.

Fremantle Prison is located at 1 The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia.

They provide guided tours around the prison and the walk down the cells was pretty interesting.

If you are travelling with small kids, bring along your stroller. It will definitely come in handy as the walk can be tiring.

This is the entrance of the Prison. The guided tour starts here.


I wondered whether Changi Prison looks the same as this.











I was intrigued by this. A hammock?

A view of the gallows.

We were exhausted after the Prison tour. It was an eye-opener for everyone. At least, M&Ms had “visited” a prison before in their lifetime.

The sun was almost setting. By the time we came out of Fremantle Prison, the streets were empty and almost void of people. We managed to ask a passer-by for direction to the harbour and grabbed a quick dinner before it closed.

Day 2.

We woke up early and had our breakfast at Hungry Jack’s. Over in Singapore, they are known as Burger King. Our itinerary was packed. With not a moment to waste, we headed to The House of Honey.





We drove down to Whistler’s – Chocolate Company at the Swan Valley.

Over here, you can find good quality chocolates.


Our next destination – Caversham Wildlife Park.

Caversham Wildlife Park is located inside Whiteman Park. To enter Whiteman Park, please use either Lord Street entrance or Beechboro Road entrance. Parking is free.

If you are travelling to Perth, this is a must-visit destination.












This wrapped up our 2 day stay at Fremantle.

We experienced local markets, malls, café, Fremantle Prison, laidback heartland life, chocolate factory, bees and honey, koalas, kangaroos, wombats and marsupials.

Stay tune for Part 2 of our trip which was a long drive up to the amazing Margaret River.


4 thoughts on “Perth Journal – Part 1 (Fremantle)”

  1. HELLO! We will be travelling to Perth in September, so I’m so glad to come across your posts on Western Australia! But.. some of the photos are not loading, especially all the Margaret River ones 😦 I think it’s not just my computer is it?


      1. You know what, you’re right, it’s not you, it’s me! I can’t load the photos on my phone or computer via wifi but on 4G it works. Go figure! Sorry for the trouble!!! 🙂


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